My favorite example of participatory culture is that of PostSecret Рa culture that was created when Frank Warren Рa previously unknown artist, ventured to help people release their deep dark secrets. Frank harnessed the appeal of anonymity that the internet (and his case, the male) provided and gave people an outlet to divulge secrets without the worry of being judged. Essentially, he got people to trust him, as a stranger, and voluntarily share that part of their lives with him. While Frank initially started with about 500 postcards on which participants were to send an artistic representation of their secret, the project skyrocketed, and now features several books showing the postcards Frank has received through the years, a blog that updates every Sunday with secrets that he has received, and an iPhone app, which allows users to connect directly with other PostSecret participants. In addition, Frank now hosts seminars at different universities to discuss his project and the therapeutic impact his project has had on his participants; PostSecret works in cooperation with a suicide prevention hotline Рhelping those with secrets that are too big to fit on a postcard seek the help they need. This community of users has done everything from proposing to one another to finally forgiving themselves and others for wrongdoings.

A Postcard from this week's blog.