I am critiquing Jeff Ubelhor projct.  His project is on a 4 song album where he is using Apple’s GarageBand.  In these songs he is playing and singing in all of the songs.  This project defently relates to the class with the methods of distribution, consumption and creation of media, which is constantly changing. One idea that Bolter and Grusin make is that New Media isn’t something that is causing the death of Old Media. It instead intends on being another method of interacting with the basic ideas that are available through the old media in new ways. This is basically what this project is doing because I am promoting his music and is a blue print of his album by using new media like GarageBand.   With that he could put this on YouTube or Facebook to get his music out and get feedback.  This is not the traditional way it used to be done. It usually gets done by demos people make and get passed out. Remediation is the repetition of one medium in another (45). An example of this would be turning something into a PDF or turning a CD-ROM into an encyclopedia, then that has turned into an eBooks. That is what his project does instead of making it on a disc and passing it out he made a website and put samples up. They can watch it when they want and how many times they want. Also they can pause or play it whenever they want to. His project is showing the emphasis on accessibility and easy usability. To me this is showing the new culture change and where our generation is now. His projects is easy access because one can get online and see the video animation and listen to his original music he put with it and one can view this when they want to and one can get on their phones and access his music so they can be anywhere listening to his music. Now when talking about Breakup 2.0, its about breaking up things (relationships and medians of technologies).  When comparing his project I would say it is defiantly breaking up the way we communicate to audiences.  As I already expressed his project is doing something that in the past people wish and could not do.  The way he could advertise is totally changing the game and leading us into a new culture.  This Breakup 2.0 matters because the understanding of these experiences in this new generation is essential.

Over all this project is great and I really enjoy your music and would love to hear more.  I love the way you used the sight you built and had a video with some animation to go along with the music.  I feel this gives it a great feel and touch to the project.  It defiantly captures my attention and would defiantly get the attention of the audience, especially how it builds up and down with the beat.



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Breakup 2.0