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Ogden – Extra Credit – Reading Summary – Remediation

Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin wrote an entire book called Remediation explaining the concepts and ideas behind remediation in culture. Remediation encompasses the idea of borrowing media and portraying it in another medium. This reuse of media can be seen in digital media and new media as well. Bolter and Grusin argue that media in digital forms is often better quality and can be drastically changed in the way the content is presented. They also focus on content being engulfed completely in another medium. These two authors use testimonies and interviews of media critiques in order to demonstrate and describe the change in media and the transformation of media digitally.


I310 project-hunting promo-Josh Sefton


My project that I did is a promotional hunting video. I grew up in a very small town and have always been around family and friends that thought of hunting as a way of life. So, as you can imagine, it is a big part of my life. Many people don’t realize what hunting is all about, they think it’s all about going out and killing animals all the time. They couldn’t be more wrong. Hunting does many things for me and I know I can say the same for my family and friends. It’s my way of relaxing and gathering all of my thoughts together. It’s my stress reliever. There’s nothing quite like being out in the woods when the sun rises and everything comes to life. No matter what kind of mood I am in, being in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors always relieves me and takes away all of my worries.

I have been hunting with the same group of friends for about ten years now. It has always been our dream to start a hunting outfitter together and make a career out of it. That all changed a few years ago when our dream turned into a pretty decent possibility. We all started reaching out and contacting all of the bigger hunting companies and outfitters asking for advice. Most of them didn’t give us the time of day, which we expected. However, some of our emails and phone calls turned a couple of heads. There is a professional hunting group called “Anything Wild,” here in Indiana. They responded to us and gave us some pointers on what to do to start getting recognized. So, we took their advice and started filming each other every single time we went out to hunt. We sent them a few videos and they were very surprised with our experience and ethical hunting strategies. They ended up inviting us to go on hunts with them and film them. Unfortunately, only one of us could go during the time frame they gave us. It turns out, my friend that went with them last year just made his debut on national television last Sunday. (November 11th)

So, this is what led me to making this promotional video for my class project. This is the first time I have actually edited our footage to make a video, which will hopefully get us even more attention. This video isn’t my original one that I was turning in for the project, but my computer crashed this past Thursday and messed my original video up. So, I had to use what I could to put this one together and turn it in for my project. I used Adobe premiere elements 10 to create this video. It was tough starting out, but after many tutorials I got the hang of it. I learned many new video editing skills that I plan to utilize in the future to create more promotional videos. I plan to build on this video quite a bit and learn how to use new effects to incorporate into the final video. I intend to finish the final video by next semester and start sending it out to a lot more hunting companies. Enjoy!


Final Project “Trap For Snacks” – Andre Warren


The media product I have created is a music video that showcases the musical genres that I listen to while I work night shifts at Jimmy Johns in Bloomington, IN.  My original project idea did not work out so well, because it required serious time commitment to software coding. It didn’t fit in my schedule very well.  So I thought, What do I spend most hours of my day doing? Why don’t my roommates barely see me after classes ever . Because I spend too much time at work. I drive constantly, til 4 am Mondays, Wednesdays, Sundays. The media I consume the most at work is music. I upload new songs that I believe will keep me “hyped” and awake during deliveries.  Routinely known as new music Wednesdays. I love music, but I felt doing a project on just the music aspect would be boring and not worthwhile. So I decided to infuse the driving-job aspect with the music genres I get “hyped” too.

Ever hear of Trap Music? Think Young Jeezy, Juicy J, Chief Keef, T.I.  Do you know what EDM  is? Im sure you have heard the song “Levels” plenty of times. Well, I love both genres, and the experimental sound that producers are creating with the sounds from both industries. I wanted to create and do something I have never done before, Sound and Video editing. So, I enlisted my friend-capstone partner Jimmie  Lee Jones’s expertise in the video department, and my friend-classmate Logan Lynch’s expertise in the music mixing and garage band program. I learned a lot of knowledge from both individuals and had great time in the process.  I used Garageband(for the first time) to learn how to edit tracks and add samples classic hiphop samples in the mix, and I used Adobe Premier Pro with guidance from Jimmie to put the music video together with the audio. The guy is crazy talented and caught the footage himself and set up lighting and effects. Man is a  beast!

The next steps…well, I would love to collaborate on projects such as this again. It was really fun. Group media projects are usually less painful when creating new media artifacts than writing papers. But in all seriousness, I feel like the video showcases a bit of my musical taste, and style. The process I enjoyed the most was working with people that are passionate about their medium and see their thought process and artistic vision at work. It is very inspiring.  I can see this type of work become addicting. Thank you, and enjoy.

The media artifact I created is a short movie that introduces a bike riding club, IURC. By doing this I researched and learned myself about video technologies, how to use video editing programs, and audio editing programs by using Adobe Premiere Pro, and Goldwaves rather than using Windows Movie Maker. Also, I used Adobe Photoshop for the pictures I included in the video.

Since all my experience with editing videos were just doing cut, copy, and paste by using Windows Movie Maker, this was a great chance to experience with making a better and a little more professional movie. I will used 720p hd camcorder built in my phone and a GoPro HD Hero2 camcorder which is designed to shoot photos and videos of outdoor activities. I had shoot lots of videos of our ridings and events then, I started working on using technologies that I could do home without weather restriction. Of course, I researched how to use these new programs I have not experienced yet for whole time during semester and play them around before actually I used them for the project. I looked for videos teaching how to use these programs and written guides as well. By doing this project I could learn more professional way to cut and paste videos, adding different audio sounds, editing on them like adding different effects, zoom in and zoom out and etc.

Platform of video that I uploaded to was Youtube because Youtube is totally free with less restrictions and limited memory used than Vimeo. Also, Youtube was easier to access to me since I am more familiar with it. To avoid breaking the copyright laws and protocol, all the content in video was made by me and I got consent of everyone in the video that I will include their riding bikes andother people in these video. Since this movie is to tell people what IURC is, what we do, how they can join our club, and etc., I included a few different sections like intro of IURC, general riding or cruising to different routes and places around Bloomington, harder ridings, IURC special events, etc in the video.

Since this video is about our bike riding club, its audience will be a new member of IURC, other riders who are looking for a riding club, anyone interested in motorcycle, and fans of IURC. I was motivated to make this video so I can promote our riding club better by distributing it on IURC group page and fan page of IURC on Facebook.

For my project I created a mash-up of Linkin Park’s Burn it Down and Whistle by Project 46. I used Burn it Down as the acapella and Whistle was the instrumental. I worked with a friend of mine who taught me how to use the software Ableton, this software allows me to edit the warps and cut and paste where I want the songs to mesh. It was extremely useful having him teach me because I was able to find out the right mix in key to determine the key for the song. We worked for a number of hours just matching acapella keys to instrumental keys, it took an extremely long time to find the right match. But once we did it went incredibly fast. We wanted to take an upbeat background and put it with a slower vocal song. So we found Linkin Park and Project 46 and they meshed perfectly. Listening to all the new media types and seeing everyone application examples really helped me figure out what to use. I definitely will continue to edit music.

For my project I decided to do a stop motion film. I used Windows Live Movie Maker to edit and make the video. I had never created any kind of video before and always admired the quirky stop motion videos I’d seen and decided to make one for my project. I actually didn’t know it would be so difficult to make. I thought oh I just move stuff around and take pictures, which is the case but if the camera gets bumped (which I accidentally did a lot) then you have to try and realign the shot so the pictures aren’t jerky.

I decided on fake cockroaches mostly because I thought it would be funny and a fun prop to use for my video. The video is about my room/house getting invaded by roaches and me trying and failing to kill them and then fleeing the house in panicked defeat.

I learned how to use Windows Live Movie Maker and overall it was fairly easy, except for the bazillion times it crashed and I had to reload my project (luckily I saved a lot). I had to take videos when I was in the movie instead of photos because I am just not that skilled of a photographer or actor, so I used the snapshot tool a lot and it was really helpful in getting action shots of my stomping and running around. Making the video was very time consuming but I really enjoyed the process.

I put a song in my video called Frontier Psychiatrist by The Avalanches and I chose it because it is so bizarre and silly and I thought it would go very well with my video. I don’t have any next steps for my video, but because I enjoyed making this one maybe I will make another in the future.

Nikki Pinney // Final Project

Voicemails have always been precious to me, probably in part because I’m surrounded by people who leave me strange, silly, lovely messages. When I got a new phone, I didn’t want to say goodbye to my favorite messages, so I decided that I would turn them into a new media artifact by remediating them into a visual form and remixing their content into something very meaningful to me. The result is the video above, which quickly got weird.

The process of creating this video was a labor of love. Photoshop anchors the project, as I used it to generate several key parts. There I edited and composited two series of photos for the stop-motion section, as well as built the image I used for the American Gothic-themed portion of my video (from there I used Flash to animate the scene). I used Premiere Elements to piece together the overall video, although I worked in iMovie to sequence the stop-motion animation. Elements and Premiere are often considered to be “lite” versions of video editing software, but for beginners they’re perfect. Their interfaces aren’t cluttered with a myriad of options and each boasts an arsenal of automated processes (like uploads to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.), so using these programs, as opposed to Premiere Pro or Final Cut, really streamlined my process.

My tactical goal was to become more experienced with Flash and get familiar with Premiere Pro, and while I definitely picked up some good practice, I also learned a lot of unexpected lessons during the course of this project. For instance, I figured out how to resize large batches of photos in Photoshop at once using the scripts function. I had to give a lot of thought to the dimensions of my images, and admittedly, when planning the project, that was something I looked over. In fact, I would say that the photo taking part of my stop-motion section was probably my weakest link. But I brought my layer game to a whole new level while working on the project. One example of this was when I imported my layers from Photoshop into Flash as movie clips. It made doing the motion tweens a breeze.

As I mentioned before, this is definitely a project with a lot of personal meaning.  Releasing myself from the duty of creating for an  outside audience helped make this project so enjoyable. I’m used to designing and working with the goal of clarity, so it was cool to do high concept/experimental digital art for a change. I’m looking forward to adding more animations to it. I’m also considering entering it in the Iris Film Festival.

Yiling Chen – Final Project

My final project is a stop-motion video featuring lilies. There are two main parts of it, one is the folding of a paper flower and the other is the actual flower lily. The final product turned out to be kind of different from I expected.

The process has not been easy, but it was fruitful. I did enjoy working on this project which has been really time-consuming and challenging. I chose to work on Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro and iMovie. They are not easy to master, but I found out the more I used them, the better I get. I started out knowing very little, and I watched some tutorials, and then began to mess around with all the different tools. Sometimes I got surprises while sometimes I turned very frustrated. However I do like the final video. Many of the things in the video are experimental. I like all the effects and the music. Picking the music was also not easy, but I am glad I run into this song by chance and it works (reminds me of one of those music box). Another difficult point was I had a hard time figuring out how to connect the paper lily with the actual lily.

I am not sure if I would continue working on this video, but if I do in the future, I think I would try to match up the speed of the pictures with the melody. And I might incorporate more transitions of various ways between the real lily and the actual lily.  It’s possible that I might also show this to potential employers.

This project has given me a load of different abilities that I had never thought existed. I never looked into video or audio editing in the past and had no idea how extensive the process could be dealing with different programs such as adobe after effects and premiere pro. This gave me a whole new respect for people that work with these kinds of programs regularly, as just learning the software was an undertaking, let alone having to navigate through the audio and video. All in all this clip of the Little Lion Man video took close to fifty hours of production, which I did not anticipate going in at all.

I absolutely love the song and it is what motivated me to tackle this project. As said with this process taking longer than expected this has definitely made me reassess my time management skills in very large and complex projects such as this. Even exporting the video and uploading the document to YouTube is a process! Altogether though I feel like this has been a very beneficial project in many different ways, as a gauge of how able I am to pick up different technologies in a shortened period of time.

The next steps for this project are going through and making the rest of their video become alive with words like the portion that I had created. I would love to keep tackling this project and hopefully others will begin to experiment with implementing kinetic typographies within the music videos of artists. I believe that this process is much more expressive of the music, while still allowing the viewer to gain better knowledge of the lyrics from the video.