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The new media artifact I plan on creating has to do with Near Field Communication technology. I will be using the radio-frequency identification tags at bars or venues; depending on the place I will program the tags with different information. If it’s a venue for music than I will be programming the tags weekly with samples of the music from different bands that will be playing that week along with a schedule. I also plan on programming them to check in on foursquare. For other places I could put the specials for the week for food and or drink.

I felt that this was a good way to manipulate the new NFC technology because it’s simple. And as far as design goes, everything should be getting simpler. I feel like I’m remixing the way print media works because instead of all the posters and chalk boards being changed every week for bands and specials, people can access all of that on their phone with a swipe on the NFC tag. Not only will they know the specials and bands playing, they will be able to hear samples of the band too!

The next steps will be to keep communicating with the client (the Bishop) during break because they are pretty busy right now. I will be able to get a schedule of their specials and bands playing in order to put the specials and band samples online. We will also be working on designs for the actual print that will communicate the NFC technology being apparent outside the bar where people could easily access the information while walking by. I hope to be able to get this at a couple places and maybe make money since it’s an easily changeable template!