The media artifact I created is a short movie that introduces a bike riding club, IURC. By doing this I researched and learned myself about video technologies, how to use video editing programs, and audio editing programs by using Adobe Premiere Pro, and Goldwaves rather than using Windows Movie Maker. Also, I used Adobe Photoshop for the pictures I included in the video.

Since all my experience with editing videos were just doing cut, copy, and paste by using Windows Movie Maker, this was a great chance to experience with making a better and a little more professional movie. I will used 720p hd camcorder built in my phone and a GoPro HD Hero2 camcorder which is designed to shoot photos and videos of outdoor activities. I had shoot lots of videos of our ridings and events then, I started working on using technologies that I could do home without weather restriction. Of course, I researched how to use these new programs I have not experienced yet for whole time during semester and play them around before actually I used them for the project. I looked for videos teaching how to use these programs and written guides as well. By doing this project I could learn more professional way to cut and paste videos, adding different audio sounds, editing on them like adding different effects, zoom in and zoom out and etc.

Platform of video that I uploaded to was Youtube because Youtube is totally free with less restrictions and limited memory used than Vimeo. Also, Youtube was easier to access to me since I am more familiar with it. To avoid breaking the copyright laws and protocol, all the content in video was made by me and I got consent of everyone in the video that I will include their riding bikes andother people in these video. Since this movie is to tell people what IURC is, what we do, how they can join our club, and etc., I included a few different sections like intro of IURC, general riding or cruising to different routes and places around Bloomington, harder ridings, IURC special events, etc in the video.

Since this video is about our bike riding club, its audience will be a new member of IURC, other riders who are looking for a riding club, anyone interested in motorcycle, and fans of IURC. I was motivated to make this video so I can promote our riding club better by distributing it on IURC group page and fan page of IURC on Facebook.