For my project I created a mash-up of Linkin Park’s Burn it Down and Whistle by Project 46. I used Burn it Down as the acapella and Whistle was the instrumental. I worked with a friend of mine who taught me how to use the software Ableton, this software allows me to edit the warps and cut and paste where I want the songs to mesh. It was extremely useful having him teach me because I was able to find out the right mix in key to determine the key for the song. We worked for a number of hours just matching acapella keys to instrumental keys, it took an extremely long time to find the right match. But once we did it went incredibly fast. We wanted to take an upbeat background and put it with a slower vocal song. So we found Linkin Park and Project 46 and they meshed perfectly. Listening to all the new media types and seeing everyone application examples really helped me figure out what to use. I definitely will continue to edit music.