This project has given me a load of different abilities that I had never thought existed. I never looked into video or audio editing in the past and had no idea how extensive the process could be dealing with different programs such as adobe after effects and premiere pro. This gave me a whole new respect for people that work with these kinds of programs regularly, as just learning the software was an undertaking, let alone having to navigate through the audio and video. All in all this clip of the Little Lion Man video took close to fifty hours of production, which I did not anticipate going in at all.

I absolutely love the song and it is what motivated me to tackle this project. As said with this process taking longer than expected this has definitely made me reassess my time management skills in very large and complex projects such as this. Even exporting the video and uploading the document to YouTube is a process! Altogether though I feel like this has been a very beneficial project in many different ways, as a gauge of how able I am to pick up different technologies in a shortened period of time.

The next steps for this project are going through and making the rest of their video become alive with words like the portion that I had created. I would love to keep tackling this project and hopefully others will begin to experiment with implementing kinetic typographies within the music videos of artists. I believe that this process is much more expressive of the music, while still allowing the viewer to gain better knowledge of the lyrics from the video.