Alex Choi

3rd Analytic Paper

Throughout the entire semester, we learned about new media with different terms of the concepts, theories. For my third analytic paper, I decided to critique Taylor Browning’s clock that tell you the time by illuminating words in random jumble of letters (http://www.roboticpixel.com/clock/) because I liked his project work and also it satisfies to be a new media.

Since it has an unique way to show the time by words unlikely other clocks with Arabic numbers. I thought this could be an example of remediations. A remediation is replacement of older medium to new medium about a product by another method (Bolter & Grusin). I think this is a good way to replace the method of conventional clocks’ method. I like unique productions and I liked how this clock looked like. Also, its design had a modern and simple look so that’s looked really cool to me.

Also, this clock seems to satisfy Lister’s New Media: a critical introduction. Lister defined the concepts for characteristics of new media as “new media are digital, interactive, hypertexual, virtual, networked, and simulated” (Lister, Dovey, Giddings , Grant & Kelly, 2009). Since this clock is digital, interactive, virtual, networked, and simulated, it is definitely one of the new media. Even though it is not conventional digital clock, it is another digital clock because the way it figures out what time it is from his coding and the way it indicates the time by illuminating words in random jumble of letters are all digital. I think it qualifies to be a digital art and the way it indicates the time verbally without Arabic numbers is interactive with users.

Since he made it by coding with HTML and CSS, he can easily spread it out online. I think there’s how he can get feedbacks from its users easily. Baym said communication on internet is interactive because unlike television, online technology allows you to talk back to your audience. (Baym)  If he spreads out his product online, people will comment after they take a look at his work.


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