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New media has had a significant effect on the way society interprets information and the power of an individual. Throughout this semester, I have come to understand thoroughly how all the concepts such as remixing, digital art, and visual and musical cultures come together to create a format that is always changing to adapt to the interests of an increasingly digital society.   In Andre Warren’s project, traps for snacks, he uses several techniques and characteristics of new media we discussed over the semester along with his own personal creativity to create his own song and video.
Using his musical and artistic skills along with what he learned during the semester, he created his own beats as a well as a video to go along with it.   His project consisted of several types of media integrated into one as a whole, which is shown by Manovich. He explains, “Media elements, be they images, sounds, shapes, or behaviors, are represented by collections of discrete samples (pixels, polygons, voxels, characters, scripts”). These are assembled into larger-scale objects but continue to maintain their separate identities.” (Manovich chapter 1) This proves that as much as new media has had this combination effect, they still have managed to keep their own traits to that make them unique such as in his project. Even though the video story and demonstration compliment the sound. It is somewhat clear that the intended original content in which he put the most work towards is the audio and song.  Modularity has become a technique in modern web content that is used today and in terms of the World Wide Web as a whole as a form of organization.  It had never been a major concept within art itself until the new capabilities came around. Using modularity, it allows for a new form of media be expressed with a variety of techniques.

While using all of his original work, he was able to show that he could reliably mix audio and video into its own genre as a what I would call a story. He expressed his everyday life expression through his music and gave us a sense of interpretation through the video that shown over his musical creation. Dueze explains the changes in current day media when he says. “media has become pervasive and ubiquitous, forming the building blocks for our constant remix of the categories of everyday life (the public and the private, the local and the global, the individual and the collective), they become invisible – in the sense that, as Friedrich Kittler suggests, we become blind to that which shapes our lives the most.” (Dueze)  The realization that we come to is how much music video has affected our visual and musical culture. Many people turn to music as a basis for an explanation of obstacles they go through in daily life and it helps offset stress as well.  It is an all seriousness, music has been become a soothing sensation that directly influences our lives.

Originality comes to question often in modern art but Andre has taken his own form of music and mixed with his own video to create a mixture of personal originality. Whether he got his ideas from music he had heard or videos he had seen before, he still had his own original idea to mix the two together and use them to entertain simultaneously.  Breitz mentions, “the idea is to shift the focus away from those people who are usually perceived as creators so as to give some space, some room, to those people who absorb cultural products— whether it’s music or movies or whatever the case may be. And to think a little bit about what happens once music or a movie has been distributed: how it may get absorbed into the lives into the very being of the people.(Breitz From Lessig)” It is important to recognize the people whom mix things together into an alternative genre because this also is a modern form of art whether it be digital or analog. The strong emphasis on the possibilities of remixing as shown in Andre’s presentation are endless and the skillset that he has shown through his project show his learning of the process throughout the semester and on his own through experimentation.


Wrapping up the semester, there were so many talented projects that took advantage of what was interpreted from readings and the material that we learned from lecture. Media, as it is today, is always changing and renewing itself through new techniques and characteristics. Through Traps for Snacks, Andre put the idea of new media to use in his own creative way which inspired me to try making music in the way he did.

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