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Before getting into my extra credit reading summary, I wanted to share these videos that I came across that I feel apply to our reading/lectures on digital art very well. This technique using multiple projectors to create stunning visual effects on static objects is a different take on the manipulation factor that we covered. I found it very interesting how these original works of art themselves (architecture and sculpture) have effectively become the canvas for this new form of art. Though these projections don’t physically alter the original artifacts, they do manipulate them visually. The original meaning and expression of these art works may be temporarily lost, but I don’t feel that this actually detracts from the original works long term.  Bottom line, I just think this is really cool and wanted to pass along.


Application Example-Josh Sefton

Are your day to day interactions with technology influencing your decisions you make in your life? My application video example emphasizes the fact that media is a huge influence in our lives every single day. Mobile technology consumes us in a variety of different ways, ultimately influencing us a lot more than you realize. Think about it, we are constantly consuming information from our mobile technologies these days. From political information, health related information, sports updates, to information on what your friends are doing via social media apps. We may not realize or want to admit to it, but society is being influenced by media more than we think. Have you recently pulled up the latest breaking news on the election and read something that influenced your decision on who to vote for? I know I have and I’m sure many others have. In fact, I remember reading something on my phone the other day about how the United States was following the presidential campaign closer than ever because of the easy access to news information. This video shows a couple of good example of how media influences society. One example in this video is how media shows us how we should look and act. The media illustrates what beauty is by showing us models and famous people acting seductive, which makes younger kids strive to be that way because it’s what they see all over the news. Without the advanced technologies in today’s society it would be more difficult for people to consume media in their everyday lives, therefore be less influenced by it. Although this video doesn’t directly relate mobile technologies with the influence of media, it gives us the idea of how much more media we are consuming everyday because of the use and easy access we have with our smartphones. There are all kinds of apps for smartphones these days. Just to name a few there are thousands of news apps, magazine apps, social media apps, weather information apps, and music apps. Although we may download these kinds of apps for entertainment purposes, they are also consuming us, influencing our daily activities, and shaping our decisions in life. These are the messages I took from this video example. Can you think of any other messages of how this video represents media and technology influencing society day to day?

This week lecture we discussed “Media life”. I looked around for an application example in YouTube that apply to this topic. I found a video that called “Did You Know” in which this video shows how media influences society. Media life becomes a part of our live and most people cannot live without it nowadays. We all use media for everything we need in our life such as checking our bank account, our e-mails, politics, news, sports, etc… which become too hard to live without. Can anyone live without media for a couple of days? can we keep ourselves from use of the media? 

This week we discussed the reality that we are living in a “media life.” I chose this video as an example because it is one of the many causes of living in a “media life.” Maybe living in the “media life” we live in today, it is too hard to avoid the negative influences on media since media isn’t just in our lives. It has become part of our lives whether we like it or not. Is this effect from media going to get worse? Is it controllable? Are there more positive effects from media than negative?

Slender Man

The legend of Slender Man was started by a “create paranormal image” competition by a man called Victor Surge.  The images are of a tall slender man with long arms like tentacles   The man is always in the background of the images never in the center.  The images are created with the use of photoshop places the man in the back on black and white images.   The reason that the slender man is in the back is to create an ominous image that allow the viewer to atribute their fears onto the image.


I looked around for an application example that would apply to taking an analog art medium and taking it to an additional step and making it digital. I thought this would show the ease of manipulation in modern-day art.   This shows the influence that modern applications show as Photoshop and Illustrator have on what used to be purely a paint and canvas combination. The evolution of art as we know is an always changing environment and allows it to be easier to change a piece of work at an instant in a digital form.

Who thought that artists could only paint or sculpture is wrong. Because of all the digital development, not only trade and industry but also artists take advantage of it. Since the birth of these kinds of techniques, artists minds have been overheated with creativity.


For my example I chose the song “Fitter Happier” by Radiohead. I thought this song fit several of the cybergothic characteristics we learned about. First, the song has the disembodied phantom voice reading the lyrics instead of the lead singer. This gives the song an eerie and cold feeling. Interestingly, the lyrics contain little excerpts of human life, which contrasts with the robotic voice. The lyrics grow more and more creepy and uncomfortable as the song continues on, which I thought connected to the idea that cybergothicism identifies the unconscious fears people bury and instead brings them to light. Lastly, there are other strange digital noises that make up the bulk of the song.

Robot Band






This application shows a group of robots performing for youtube. The robots are controlled by an old vending machine and this goes along with our class discussion about machines making music.