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NFC inspiration, about NFC


Mixes a video of a guy training to reach his dream of getting in the NFL and in the background is a preacher that is talking about success and how to achieve it and his view of how to reach it. It really reached and affected me. But just thought it was worth putting up here.

Project Inspiration

Website link:

I like the way the website is laid out in a vertical fashion, but that the menu bar is constantly at the top. I also like how the “blurbs” on the side slide in as you scroll down.

Project Inspirations – Typography Music Video


This is my inspiration for a possible music mashup.

photo of an answering machine

Filmmaker Mark Craig’s answering machine

I got a new phone, but on my previous phone there are some old voicemail messages I can’t bear to part with because they’re either funny or precious to me. I decided to save them, but turning them into a useless file on my computer doesn’t seem to translate any of the emotion I’ve got invested in them (these were messages that I would re-save every month, some of them for nearly two years). I decided it would be cathartic and fun to create an animation to go along with the audio. My inspiration for this comes from a few places:

• Talk To Me, a documentary developed out of 20 years worth of audio clips from one man’s life. Read about it  // Watch it.

• Crank Yankers, the Comedy Central TV show that features puppets acting out actual prank calls. Watch it.

Portfolio website for Jessica Walsh

Adam Schocke

After Effects inspiration video

Random interesting video