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Social Media Activism

Here is a video talks about new media social activism from Youtube


The wall stree example

Social media group of the activism.


The static of activism’s movment and network graph.



Application Example (Social Media Activism)

I choose the Arab Spring as an example of Social Media Activism. During the Spring of 2011 many countries across the Middle East and Northern Africa erupted into a massive uprising that has over thrown a number of governments. Almost all of the protest took place because of social media and allowing for more people to share their ideals. What we are seeing with Occupy Wall Street and the larger Occupy Movement is social media playing a large role in communication between groups and members.


When I signed up for this application example at the beginning of the semester, the first thing that popped into my head was an article titled “Random Swings of Joy.” A small group of individuals set out to promote something much less tangible than most activist movements; they set out to promote happiness. They discovered that placing very basic swings in unexpected locations within a city can improve the day of almost anyone who walks by and takes a moment to enjoy some Newtonian mechanics. Here’s a video from their Kickstarter page that details the project and their goals for the future:

I know there are plenty of other, larger issues in the world today using social media as an activism channel, such as the riots in Egypt or the very recent internet censorship prevention campaigns, but the simplicity and incredible success really stuck with me. They have plenty of photos, videos, and articles to sort through, but their trailer for the Bolivia project makes me smile every time:

In this video we hear the interview of C.W. Anderson about  the influence of social media in activism and the power that it holds.  He explains that it is important to understand that the technology itself does nothing, but that it is the people that make the movement.  This paints social media in the light that I believe it should be, as a tool to be utilized by the people rather than a force that cannot be directed or controlled.  Media plays a significant role in many things, activism being one, but without the people to power it… its just another piece of technology.