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Brandon Coldiron Final Project

For my project I decided to make a few videos of me riding my motorcycle around Bloomington and put them in a flash application so that users could view them simply without having to go between different web pages. The flash application also brought them together in a way that made them look very neat and nice.

The reason I chose to pursue this project was because I had all the tools necessary to do it and I wanted to have a camera mount on my motorcycle and this gave me a reason to do it. I enjoyed it a lot and I learned a lot about flash and movie editing.

In the future If I choose to pursue this I would make video submissions allowed to the public so they could submit a video of their town and I could add it on the map. It could be a lot of fun getting all these submissions about putting them on the map where they belong.




Application example for the economics of new media. There are lots of examples of this and most of them include advertising.

In class she took lots of the main examples but the example I came up with that she didnt is about how facebook does lovemarks. The way that most of the ads include some sort of emotion.

“Uncover the truth” brings in past emotion of unsolved crimes.

“400 bikes $499 shipping” brings you a feeling of wow amazing deal thats cheap.

“study horses in college” has a girl kissing a horse, shows love.

“Rackspace cloud computing” Sounds like a cool cheap storage. another amazing deal and your like wow thats a good deal.

In this article Bolter is trying to argue that remediation is a defining characteristic of the new digital media. He has good points when he says that an encclopedia on disc is not the same as a printed encyclopedia. They still call it an encyclopedia so that you know what it is and they try to make the computer have seamless interuption of your access to this dictionary. It makes it easier for you to use it and they call it a better way because you can do searches quicker. He also has a good point when he talks about the electronic behavior control systems takes old movie clips and inserts them into something that takes them way out of context, and therefor makes us more aware of the original clip and the new clip. Gives us a sense of knowing what the old media is so that we can critique the new one.

I also like how he critiques media theorist Steven Holtzman who talks about how the process of remediation will be left behind in the future, but Bolter disagrees with him  because he knows that media change cannot be significant enough to not be able to be compared to the past devices like this, and even if it does happen then they will be compared to their first generation of the product again down the line which is another form of remediation. This means that remediation is a constant process and that it wont be left behind at least in the foreseen future. He also restates at the end that re-purposing as remediation is both what is “unique to digital worlds” and what denies the possibility of that uniqueness. An interesting statement that shows we will always be comparing uniqueness of objects to other objects from the past that had the same uniqueness at one point.

Lister New Media (51-59) Coldiron 9/20/2011

In pages 51-59 lister discusses What kind of history new media has. He wants us to think about where this media has come from and what has preceeded it. In class we discussed the online broadcast of a concert with a chatroom included with it. To think about what has made this possible and what came before it we can think how this existed way back when teh beetles were playing on the television and people were calling their freinds chatting about it.

Lister wants us to think about how new something is or if it is just a different way of doing the same thing. Such as watching this concert it is not very different from the past where they would play their music on the television and talk about it over the phone. Its a different way of doing the same things that we used to do in the past. Another example is how new is online streaming of music. I do not think its very new because you could have heard music from the radio since it was invented. Its the same idea, being in a remote location with no one around and still being able to hear music.

Though it is hard to determine between new and old media we do it everyday without thinking. We determine whats new even if it really is not all that new. There are old things that made this new media possible. Thinking about the teleological path it took to become what it is today. No such advances could have happened without small steps in the process.

What are media? According to Gitelman, “Media is socially realized structures of communication, where structures include both technological forms and their associated protocols, and where communications ia cultural practice, a ritualized collocation of diferent people with the same mental map, sharing or engaged with popular ontologies of representation.” Most of you are probably a little confused by that definition and this is where I will break it down for you a little bit.

This video clip is a good explanation and example of what media is. It gives a definition and good examples, and also gives us some historical context on what media used to mean (If you watch it all the way through).