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Alisa Gaither / Final Project



My final project for I310 is a portfolio website that I will use in my professional career as a graphic designer. As a newbie to any HTML and CSS coding, this project allowed me to get more comfortable with these skills, as well as learn some Javascript and Flash animation. I developed an identity for myself as a designer, which I show in my original logo that I created, and I intend on further establishing this design aesthetic into the rest of the website.

The process of creating this website was straightforward from the beginning, I knew I had to do a lot of planning at the beginning so that I would know what skills I needed to do which parts of the site. For instance, I was already comfortable with designing the logo and slideshow elements in Indesign and Photoshop, but I needed to learn Javascript and Flash to build the actual slideshow itself. Online tutorials guided me through the skills I needed to learn to accomplish these tasks.

At this point, I would not say that my site is finished, I still wish to learn more about integrating graphic design and web design into a seamless product. This is what my goal was, but I came out of this project timeline with a template for what my site will grow from in the coming months. I intend to develop my design more, and learn more about how to build websites so that I can hopefully use these skills in a future job. I also plan on integrating more social media into my website, so it will be more accessible and able to be shared across multiple avenues.


Application: Visual Culture 10/27

Visual 1: History of the iMac

I chose this video to represent how I interpreted Clarke’s excerpt about visual culture. In the excerpt Clarke discuessed the making of the design of Apple iMac and the culture in which the Apple design dervied from. I took it a step further and took a look at how this design was then marketed to “individual” consumers to observe how they will interpet and relate to the latest visual innovations of Apple overtime through advertisment.



Project inspiration… Isgrigg

Slamtilt… real name Russell… takes home made pinball machines and mods them. He adds lights, sounds, themes, and personality to the tables he mods. I know that some of the tables he has worked on, he has dedicated over 80 hours of his own time on them. That is, perhaps, an insane amount of time… but his dedication shows through on his quality.

One thing that Slam does that is pretty cool is that he has made a YouTube channel to reach out to the community. He has used Frapp-like programs to record videos of his current works. YouTube gives him a place to post comments and to hear from the community about their thoughts. He has a pretty good following for such a small community and some of his videos have had over 2 thousand views.

I think I am going to do that for this class and my multi-media project. I’m going to make the pinball, post my progress on the blog and YouTube, make a web site for my creations, post on the Future Pinball database my completed tables, and challenge anybody to beat my high-scores on the GoPinball challenges forum…..

It should be fun 🙂

o_O of-course, I’m not totally sure how to fully make the pinball machine… write advanced Visual Basic programming scripts… use advanced Photoshop options… use Frapps… upload to YouTube… make a registered website… post completed project to the database… But the high-scores won’t be much of a problem.

Design can make or break new media.

The iPhone developers over at tap tap tap are known for creating simple apps that perform the same functions as hundreds of others. What separates them from the pack is their focus on intuitive design, allowing them to become successful while their competitors’ products fade away. The company posted a video of their excruciating design process for one of their apps, titled Convert, which you may view by clicking here. A simple unit conversion app, Convert stands out among its many peers due to its superior form and ease of use. I plan to follow this train of thought when developing my media artifact, which is still undetermined as of yet.