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Digitizing Race – Application Example




In the digitizing race article Nakamura explains how different races are represented or portrayed through media. The focus of this article was on the Matrix Trilogy where she makes many points that she believes are making connections between certain races and what technology they use in the movie to represent their race. For example, there was a connection made between the use of touch screen with white individuals and keyboards and analog tools with African American individuals. In my opinion I don’t think that the movie was created to show this distinction between the two races in the way that it did. I think that it just happened to work out that way in the end. I found a video that I think is a good example of how technology in the future is projected to work and does a good job showing that there is no correlation between the different races that will use the technology.


Application example for the economics of new media. There are lots of examples of this and most of them include advertising.

In class she took lots of the main examples but the example I came up with that she didnt is about how facebook does lovemarks. The way that most of the ads include some sort of emotion.

“Uncover the truth” brings in past emotion of unsolved crimes.

“400 bikes $499 shipping” brings you a feeling of wow amazing deal thats cheap.

“study horses in college” has a girl kissing a horse, shows love.

“Rackspace cloud computing” Sounds like a cool cheap storage. another amazing deal and your like wow thats a good deal.