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Alisa Gaither / Final Project



My final project for I310 is a portfolio website that I will use in my professional career as a graphic designer. As a newbie to any HTML and CSS coding, this project allowed me to get more comfortable with these skills, as well as learn some Javascript and Flash animation. I developed an identity for myself as a designer, which I show in my original logo that I created, and I intend on further establishing this design aesthetic into the rest of the website.

The process of creating this website was straightforward from the beginning, I knew I had to do a lot of planning at the beginning so that I would know what skills I needed to do which parts of the site. For instance, I was already comfortable with designing the logo and slideshow elements in Indesign and Photoshop, but I needed to learn Javascript and Flash to build the actual slideshow itself. Online tutorials guided me through the skills I needed to learn to accomplish these tasks.

At this point, I would not say that my site is finished, I still wish to learn more about integrating graphic design and web design into a seamless product. This is what my goal was, but I came out of this project timeline with a template for what my site will grow from in the coming months. I intend to develop my design more, and learn more about how to build websites so that I can hopefully use these skills in a future job. I also plan on integrating more social media into my website, so it will be more accessible and able to be shared across multiple avenues.



HD Version:


This project is stop-motion video reflecting some of the experiences I’ve had since I’ve been at IU. I decided on a stop-motion video because I have always had an interest in making a stop-motion video but never had the time to fool around with it. I wanted to do something with the IU campus because it is my final semester and I have been growing more contemplative of what my time here has meant to me. I wanted to demonstrate how the IU atmosphere balances school and fun.

My inspiration for the video came from a number of sources. I watched quite a few stop motion videos and really liked the illusion that the primary character’s feet don’t move. I also developed a better concept of how transitions looked in certain scenarios. I decided to avoid using a tripod because of the disjointed affect it has on the video. The shifting frames match better with the music.

The process of making the video was fairly tedious. There are over 1,300 stills in this video. I primarily used iMovie 08 to edit and compile the video but I found it to be a very weak program. I had to manually set the time lapses on many of my stills. When I was planning to submit the video, I tried to perform an editing function that caused my entire computer to freeze and I lost my entire project. I had to start over from scratch with a very limited timeline but my experience over the semester helped me do this very efficiently.

I had wanted to include sporting events in this video but, unfortunately, things kept coming up. Also, the amount of content I have already included is very substantial. I really wanted to put the Oaken Bucket game in the video but, as you all know, it is after the due date. In the future, I am considering splitting the video up into two separate parts in order to make it into two separate music videos. As far as my intent to continue making stop motion movies, I have become very interested in them and will most likely continue to produce them and hone my skills in making them.

Final Project-Yang Jin Kim-11/23/2011

I wanted to make the project for the people. So, I decided to make something common that the whole world is facing, global warming. I think now is the time to warn people once again that we need to save and protect our planet Earth from global warming.

Honestly, I am somewhat nervous since I have heard of many stories and predictions about collapse or destruction of our planet via various mass media. Moreover, recently, NASA’s 2013 solar flare warning even freaks me out. The year what they announced is near at the corner, and I was wondering whether this environmental problem can be solved with our people’s help. And, this is the reason why I decided to work on this project.

I have learned how to make a video by using the Windows Movie Maker and how to remix the music and convert the format of it by Audacity. I was trying to make a good story to make viewers feel like doing something for saving the Earth.

I don’t have any further plan for this project. However, I would like to be familiar with this type of video editing software and want to make more innovative and creative project in the future.


I-310 Project Reflection

For my project I did a stop motion video of Gym Class Heroes “Stereo Hearts” using a Lite Brite.  Basically, I made a music video to go along with their song.  This was one of my favorite songs until I had to listen to it over and over and over and over and over again.  I like the lyrics and the metaphor they use to compare music and records to a relationship.

The Kindle stop motion commercials were what first inspired me to create a stop motion video.  I then wanted to make a stop motion video using a specific type of media.  I was visiting my cousins one day and they were playing with their Lite Brite and from that day I decided to use the Lite Brite as my easel.  I struggled with what I was actually going to make on the Lite Brite.

At first, I just put two hours into it every week creating random designs.  I didn’t like that after all because it had no direction and was boring.  I then had this cool idea to recreate a version of Pong but after attempting for a couple weeks, it didn’t really work out.  One day I was searching “Lite Brite Stop Motion Video” and this video for Maldroid “Heck No” came up.  This inspired me to create a video for “Stereo Hearts” by Gym Class Heroes.

It was a very intricate process consisting of moving small tiny pegs on a Lite Brite one at a time.  My video consists of 556 pictures.  I used Windows Live Movie Maker to edit the video.  I enjoyed using the editing tool I picked up some tricks used to speed up and slow down the frames.  I have never done anything like this before.   I then posted this to vitomy.com.

I don’t have any next steps for this project.

I310 Final Project

The link above is my final project for I310.  I am a huge fan of music in general and wanted to do something with that.  So I took a song by Benny Benassi and Skrillex and created a video to go along with the song.  The first process was deciding on how to create this video in which I chose to create a Flash video.  After deciding on how I was going to make the video, I had to create the backgrounds for my scenes.  This is where I used Photoshop and learned some new skills in creating these backgrounds.  Once the backgrounds were made, I imported them into Flash and started drawing the characters in Flash.  At first I started drawing the characters in Photoshop but found it a lot easier to do it within Flash.  Once everything was made and ready, it was time to start the motions.  Creating the motions was probably the easiest part of the entire project thanks to a nifty bone tool.

Once the motions were done and the Flash scenes were created, I had to convert them into .mov files in order to create the movie in iMovie.  This was the most difficult part because I had to find programs that would convert Flash files into .mov files.  I finally found a program then edited and created the video in iMovie.  I also had to use a program called Adobe Captivate  that recorded what you were doing on your screen and then had to crop the final outcome to create the background motion for the final Dj scene.  This project allowed me to become more familiar and  learn new programs that could be useful in the future.

I don’t plan on further developing this project but it was nice learning new programs and playing around in Flash.  I put a lot of time in to this and am glad of the outcome, but for some reason the camera zoomed in on the animations when I converted them into .mov files.  In the future, I may play around more in Flash and try to learn how to create games using Flash.  Overall this project was time consuming, but am glad to have done this and want to look into other programs that I would enjoy.


ScoreTab is a free, highly customizable scorekeeping web application that can be used to keep track of nearly any kind of game or record involving names and numbers. Each sheet can have any number of players and adjustment values which can be set to whatever the user feels like. Up to six sheets can be saved at one time, and switching between them is as easy as switching between tabs in modern internet browsers. The interface was designed to be clean and intuitive. Ideally, most users should be able to operate the application without any instructions whatsoever. Even so, I included several hints at the top of the page to clue users into some of the less obvious features.

My desire to create ScoreTab arose one day when I was trying to find an online scorekeeping system to use for myself, and much to my surprise, twenty minutes of Google queries returned no useful links. Thus, I decided to make one myself so that I may use it in the future when the needs arise. After working on it for somewhere in the area of 60 hours this semester, I’m rather pleased with the results and plan on using it to keep track of many different things going forward. Just the other day, I used it to help calculate my paycheck by entering the number of hours I spent performing different tasks with the adjustment values set to my hourly pay for those tasks. With its incredible flexibility, I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of types of uses other users will find for ScoreTab.

The process of creating this application was long and many-stepped, with some twists and turns I didn’t foresee. At the beginning of the semester, I laid out a weekly tasks list that was easily followed until I reached the day to code the back-end necessary for saving user data. From the UI design through creating a working front-end model, the project was coming along nicely. In essence, most of that process consisted of slicing out the necessary images from the Photoshop file I created, inserting those images into the HTML skeleton, placing those images properly through the use of CSS, and coding basic mouse and keyboard interaction with JavaScript and jQuery. My original goal was to have a user login system so that the user could access their ScoreTab data from any device, but unfortunately, the PHP and SQL required to create such a database is not supported by IU’s Mercury web hosting server. I altered my initial plan to saving user data via cookies stored in the browser cache. The basic idea of information persistence still remains, but it is limited to the machine and browser on which the user last accessed ScoreTab.

In order to create everything necessary for ScoreTab to function, a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery was required. I already have a hefty amount of experience creating and styling basic webpages through HTML and CSS, but only a basic knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery. When my plan to use PHP and SQL to manage database interaction had to be scrapped, I no longer had to learn the necessities of those two languages and instead focused heavily on the creation and manipulation of cookies in order to dynamically generate each page. Due to the limitation of cookies only being able to store string and numerical data, it was rather tricky getting them to save multidimensional arrays containing names and values of other cookies. Once that was managed, a great deal of time was spent manipulating the code to run smoothly in different browsers. I have managed to get everything fully working in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, which should cover most users. I haven’t delved into developing it for Internet Explorer due to a plethora of issues specific to that browser that make it a pain compared to others.

I may continue to work on this project beyond this class for my portfolio, and there are several features I would like to include for a second release. The first being the user login system that was originally planned. Secondly, being change the order of tabs, scorelines, or adjustment values by a simple drag and drop mechanism would offer a great deal more flexibility and improve user customization. In addition, some of my usability testers wished to be able to select multiple scorelines at once to either adjust the scores or remove them in one fell swoop. All of these things would require a huge overhaul to my code structure, and they are well beyond the scope and time limitations of this course. I’m content with the current state of the project, and hopefully some of my classmates will find it to be a useful tool for them in the future.

As always, the current state of ScoreTab can be viewed here: http://mypage.iu.edu/~knisswan/i310/

Final Project: Lego Castle Stop Motion Video

My project is about a Lego castle stop motion video. I find stop motion video very interesting, especially it seems like a filmed video but actually it’s composed by pictures. And it’s a great experience to work with stop motion video. It’s been a very fun project and I really enjoy it.

The reason I chose Lego to be my subject is because when I was little I played with Lego a lot. When there’s an opportunity where I can work with anything I want I decided to be Legos, plus I want to experience what was it like when I was little, playing with Legos. I find Legos very magical, with each little piece it can build a huge castle. That’s when I decide I want to make a Lego stop motion video where it appears to be a self-building castle.

The process was no doubt very time consuming but at the same time very fun. I didn’t expect it would take this long. I took over 800 pictures on a 900-piece Lego castle and the video is 2:45 minutes long. I had to take pictures for every piece I put on. I realized the planning process is very important because it determines where my project is headed.

For my next step I would like to make an introduction at the beginning of the video to make a more professional like. And I also want to choose a better, more suitable music for my project.

This is the final version of my project that I posted on YouTube. The video is of George Bush clips that are compiled together to make him look as if he is singing along to Lil Wayne’s single, “How to Love.” I was inspired to do this video because of a video that I saw of George Bush singing along to a U2 song. I really enjoyed the video and thought that it would be fun to create something similar. The reason I chose the song “How to Love” is because Lil Wayne is one of my favorite artists and because I also thought it would be funny to show a video of something that isn’t expected from the former Republican president.

The video took quite awhile to create, but I am happy with the outcome. I initially wanted to show the video with President Bush singing every word to the song, but I decided that I did not like how choppy the video looked and sounded when I tried to do this. I decided to use the actual Lil Wayne song while using short clips of speeches given by President Bush.When doing this I focused on key words in the song to match up with the George Bush clips as if he was lip syncing. I created the video using a program in Adobe Creative Suites 5.5 called Premeire Pro. At first the software seemed to be a little overwhelming to learn, but the more I worked with it and watched tutorials I was able to pick it up and I feel like I did a good job. After I finished creating the video I posted it on YouTube for the public to view and shared the link on my Facebook for my friends to see. I have had a few people check it out and I have received a lot of positive feedback.

I have completed all of the steps and goals that I had for this project. The last step that I had to accomplish was to post the video on YouTube for the public to view, which I have already done. I hope to have a lot of people check it out to comment and give me feed back because I would like to create another project like this in the near future. I have actually already thought about one project that I would like to do and that would be to create a video for the IU basketball team. I am a huge IU basketball fan and I think that this would be something really fun and interesting to do. Now that I have acquired some of the skills necessary to do that through this project, I know that I’ll be able to create a really cool video. Ideally I would like to do this over winter break, so be on the lookout for the video in the near future.