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Nikki Pinney // Final Project

Voicemails have always been precious to me, probably in part because I’m surrounded by people who leave me strange, silly, lovely messages. When I got a new phone, I didn’t want to say goodbye to my favorite messages, so I decided that I would turn them into a new media artifact by remediating them into a visual form and remixing their content into something very meaningful to me. The result is the video above, which quickly got weird.

The process of creating this video was a labor of love. Photoshop anchors the project, as I used it to generate several key parts. There I edited and composited two series of photos for the stop-motion section, as well as built the image I used for the American Gothic-themed portion of my video (from there I used Flash to animate the scene). I used Premiere Elements to piece together the overall video, although I worked in iMovie to sequence the stop-motion animation. Elements and Premiere are often considered to be “lite” versions of video editing software, but for beginners they’re perfect. Their interfaces aren’t cluttered with a myriad of options and each boasts an arsenal of automated processes (like uploads to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, etc.), so using these programs, as opposed to Premiere Pro or Final Cut, really streamlined my process.

My tactical goal was to become more experienced with Flash and get familiar with Premiere Pro, and while I definitely picked up some good practice, I also learned a lot of unexpected lessons during the course of this project. For instance, I figured out how to resize large batches of photos in Photoshop at once using the scripts function. I had to give a lot of thought to the dimensions of my images, and admittedly, when planning the project, that was something I looked over. In fact, I would say that the photo taking part of my stop-motion section was probably my weakest link. But I brought my layer game to a whole new level while working on the project. One example of this was when I imported my layers from Photoshop into Flash as movie clips. It made doing the motion tweens a breeze.

As I mentioned before, this is definitely a project with a lot of personal meaning.  Releasing myself from the duty of creating for an  outside audience helped make this project so enjoyable. I’m used to designing and working with the goal of clarity, so it was cool to do high concept/experimental digital art for a change. I’m looking forward to adding more animations to it. I’m also considering entering it in the Iris Film Festival.


Project- Watt – 11/22/2011

Final Project- Recipe Videos

Turkey Minestrone

Sandwich Cookies

S’More (prototype)

My video cooking project aimed to demonstrate a new way to display a recipe for a viewer. I took two recipes, turkey minestrone and sandwich cookies, and created stop motion videos for each. During the editing process, I added Flash action script 3.0 to incorporate the directions into the video. By putting the pictures with the directions, I have formed a new media for a cooking/baking audience.

I chose to gear my video to cooking because it is something I enjoy doing. I also thought the stop motion videos were neat and would be something fun to try out on my own. By combining both of these interests, I was able to develop a video that pushed a recipe to another level.

For this project I used Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop along with my camera and a file converter to create my final videos. I have made an animated video using Flash before but I have never used action scripting. I watched tutorials on how to create a typing animation but had to tweak the code to run correctly in my video. I used Photoshop to create the title screen and the recipe cards from scratch. I had to use a file converter to publish my final video because Flash wouldn’t save the action script into an .avi extension correctly. Unfortunately, any of the free file conversion software puts a watermark on the videos so it covered up the “Step 1, Step 2, ect.” in my videos. I learned many new skills in Flash as well as video editing in general by putting these videos together.

I don’t plan to do anything more with these videos but it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless.

Final i310 Project Flash Website


I chose to do a flash website for my final project for a friend that owns her own hair salon business on the north side of Indianapolis. I chose to develop a website in flash because I had never worked in flash before and to develop my skills within this adobe product. I am very familiar with other adobe products flash is just one of the subcategories I had not explored yet.

Over all I liked working in flash because it allows the user to become a lot more interactive with the website. The way flash develops websites is strictly visual based rather then having to mess with a ton of code. There is some code involved of course when developing a website. I also had to explore PHP in order to develop the contact form that is on the website. This gives the salon clients a chance to become apart of About Mei by being on an email list serve. There was no trouble with hosting the webs item but one thing that I ran into was trying to get the domain name of http://www.aboutmei.com onto my hosting package.

I learned a lot about how to communicate directly and effectively with a client when working on her website. Since she is on the north side of Indianapolis there were minimal opportunities to meet so most of the communication was dealt with over the phone and through emails.

I enjoyed this opportunity to expand my skills within web development and learned a lot about how a website can change the face of a business to bring in more clients. Having an online presence in today’s world is one key to making a success out of your business.

Brandon Coldiron Final Project

For my project I decided to make a few videos of me riding my motorcycle around Bloomington and put them in a flash application so that users could view them simply without having to go between different web pages. The flash application also brought them together in a way that made them look very neat and nice.

The reason I chose to pursue this project was because I had all the tools necessary to do it and I wanted to have a camera mount on my motorcycle and this gave me a reason to do it. I enjoyed it a lot and I learned a lot about flash and movie editing.

In the future If I choose to pursue this I would make video submissions allowed to the public so they could submit a video of their town and I could add it on the map. It could be a lot of fun getting all these submissions about putting them on the map where they belong.



Inspiration for my Final Project

Inspiration for my Final Project

Lizzi Pomeroy
September 4, 2011

My Past Work

I recently started working with Adobe Flash Professional in the Creative Suite, and I absolutely love it. At the moment, I’m not very skilled. I can do basic Motion Tweens and fade in’s or fade out’s. The extent of my capabilities is:

My Inspiration

I really want to do something with Flash that goes above and beyond my current capabilities. Below are a couple ideas:

Closing Note

I think the capabilities of Flash are endless, and I want to stretch my talent and create something funny, informative, and extremely creative. These skills are incredibly useful as a web developer, which is my hobby. I think that being better at Flash will give me strength for my future.