Final Project- Recipe Videos

Turkey Minestrone

Sandwich Cookies

S’More (prototype)

My video cooking project aimed to demonstrate a new way to display a recipe for a viewer. I took two recipes, turkey minestrone and sandwich cookies, and created stop motion videos for each. During the editing process, I added Flash action script 3.0 to incorporate the directions into the video. By putting the pictures with the directions, I have formed a new media for a cooking/baking audience.

I chose to gear my video to cooking because it is something I enjoy doing. I also thought the stop motion videos were neat and would be something fun to try out on my own. By combining both of these interests, I was able to develop a video that pushed a recipe to another level.

For this project I used Adobe Flash and Adobe Photoshop along with my camera and a file converter to create my final videos. I have made an animated video using Flash before but I have never used action scripting. I watched tutorials on how to create a typing animation but had to tweak the code to run correctly in my video. I used Photoshop to create the title screen and the recipe cards from scratch. I had to use a file converter to publish my final video because Flash wouldn’t save the action script into an .avi extension correctly. Unfortunately, any of the free file conversion software puts a watermark on the videos so it covered up the “Step 1, Step 2, ect.” in my videos. I learned many new skills in Flash as well as video editing in general by putting these videos together.

I don’t plan to do anything more with these videos but it was an enjoyable experience nonetheless.