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Toyota has taken their technology of interactivity to another level by incorporating it into their cars in order for their customers to experience a whole new level of emotions toward their products. This virtual car allows consumers to be in a virtual driving experience while in the setting of the car they are driving. By putting you into an environment that you are similar with and giving functions of simulative driving is a new development toyota is pursuing. The thoughts of humans to be able to develop concepts like this is evolutionary, we are able to take thoughts and ideas and actually turn them into something that is creating a whole new experience for the population. This new concept car gives humans an extreme level of interactivity with computers as well as materialistic values such as cars.


In the recent reading that we had, the author talked about digitizing race. I chose to focus on the part of the reading that examined race and access to technology. The example that stood out the most was the Matrix example and the difference in race and their technologies that they interacted with. There was the white room with the complex advanced system and then the ship with the dark and old technology.

I found these two videos of Microsoft’s future vision and I think that it does a good job with showing futuristic technologies with all races, age, and gender. There is no one race that has access to or uses any other prominent technology than the other. Everyone shown in the videos have the same level of interactive technologies and the range of demographics collaborate throughout both videos.