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Final Project: George Bush – How To Love

This is the final version of my project that I posted on YouTube. The video is of George Bush clips that are compiled together to make him look as if he is singing along to Lil Wayne’s single, “How to Love.” I was inspired to do this video because of a video that I saw of George Bush singing along to a U2¬†song. I really enjoyed the video and thought that it would be fun to create something similar. The reason I chose the song “How to Love” is because Lil Wayne is one of my favorite artists and because I also thought it would be funny to show a video of something that isn’t expected from the former Republican president.

The video took quite awhile to create, but I am happy with the outcome. I initially wanted to show the video with President Bush singing every word to the song, but I decided that I did not like how choppy the video looked and sounded when I tried to do this. I decided to use the actual Lil Wayne song while using short clips of speeches given by President Bush.When doing this I focused on key words in the song to match up with the George Bush clips as if he was lip syncing. I created the video using a program in Adobe Creative Suites 5.5 called Premeire Pro. At first the software seemed to be a little overwhelming to learn, but the more I worked with it and watched tutorials I was able to pick it up and I feel like I did a good job. After I finished creating the video I posted it on YouTube for the public to view and shared the link on my Facebook for my friends to see. I have had a few people check it out and I have received a lot of positive feedback.

I have completed all of the steps and goals that I had for this project. The last step that I had to accomplish was to post the video on YouTube for the public to view, which I have already done. I hope to have a lot of people check it out to comment and give me feed back because I would like to create another project like this in the near future. I have actually already thought about one project that I would like to do and that would be to create a video for the IU basketball team. I am a huge IU basketball fan and I think that this would be something really fun and interesting to do. Now that I have acquired some of the skills necessary to do that through this project, I know that I’ll be able to create a really cool video. Ideally I would like to do this over winter break, so be on the lookout for the video in the near future.


Remixed: Media, Lessig pg. 68-76

An interesting correlation is made between media and the information that it is presenting at all times. Specifically, there is mention of how all the elite people back in the day spoke latin and all the common people spoke the regional languages. The elite didn’t speak the common tongues because they believed their information was important so that only other elitist would be able to understand it and the common people were only given the information that others deemed they should know. This is similar to how information is transmitted today through modern medias. Not everyone can make media at the highest level of professionalism but everyone can be influenced by it. Those influences only hold merit based on the culture they were based on. In other words, these remixes only have meaning because of the meaning surrounded by the items that they were pulled from.

Below is a link from Jonathan McIntosh mentioned in the writing.

This clip particularly exemplifies the point made above. Its part of our culture that you cant trust the news and alot of people do not trust Fox News especially. The video, without the context of what it references in our culture, really has no meaning.

The next link is another specifically mentioned in the text about how although remixing may be used to clarify or project a particular meaning it can also be used to askew one as well.

In summary, in regards to remixes “their meaning comes not from the content of what they say; it comes from the reference, which is expressible only if it is the original that gets used.”¬† Meaning without the the original content the new content can not be made. More importantly without the original context the new context can not be conveyed.