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Project Critique–Yang Jin Kim

Yang Jin Kim


The new media artifact that was created is an awesome way of expressing awareness for global warming. I am a firm believer in this subject and couldn’t be happier that someone portrayed it in their project. I can tell that some audio editing and movie editing were evident in this project, as I did the same sort of stuff with mine. I will break down this project in certain theories and frameworks, which we have learned through this class. Areas such as Participatory Culture,

Participatory Culture

 “Participatory media enables a broad participation in the production of culture, power, community, and wealth” (Participatory Media Literacy, Home). In my opinion, YouTube has now become a sense of our present culture. Millions and millions of people from society post anything from music to photo sharing to mashups and video blogs and the list goes on and on. I believe that by posting this video to YouTube, one has created the awareness that could have an impact on an individual– one reason being, as mentioned in the article, social media. Social media is rising constantly and “value and power derives the active participation of many people” (Participatory Media Literacy, Home). Just by posting a media artifact on this website allows viewers to actually determine the impact that the video can have without having to market and sell it thus arriving interrelated characteristic, social networks. “Social networks amplified by information and communication networks enable broader, faster, and lower-cost coordination of activities. This is an economic and political characteristic”—like trying to market or sell as I stated earlier (Participatory Media Literacy, Home). This project is a great example of explaining how an issue can be raised to a bigger issue especially by throwing it out there so the web world can see and identify.

I also think social interaction was evident in this project. As stated by Gershon, “ media ideologies are a set of beliefs about communicative technologies with which users and designers explain perceived media structure and meaning” (Gershon 3). So, in a nutshell, what people think about certain types of media that are being utilized also shapes the way they use media. YouTube would not be successful if it weren’t based around a broad range of society. If there were only a few users or “hits” it would not be a success or influential like it is. These events and disasters that have taken place are only seen by people from around those areas and by circulating the photos into a video that has been placed on YouTube, others can see the effects and recirculate them to create even more awareness.

Global warming is a big issue in society today. “In the past few years, the world has experienced devastating natural disasters on a level that hasn’t been seen for decades. There is much speculation that these especially strong phenomena are due to global climate change, brought on by Global Warming” (Global Warming Issues, WordPress.com). Mass numbers of people believe in this issue and it is time that others start thinking into it and what affect it can have on our world.

Visual Cultures

 As stated by Clarke, “we all constantly verbalize our visual experiences”.  We live in a culture where it is dominated by the web, communication, film, advertising, television etcetera. Even though this may be true we still have a need to describe in words what it is exactly that we have seen or experienced. One who may not have seen the certain artifact may need some sort of visualization, which is where a visual culture would need to be described about the artifact. By inserting certain “sayings” onto the pages where certain digital images are viewed the author has a created not only an imprinted image on the mind but also words that describe in meaning more food for thought. The images have such an impact in quality and quantity. Lots of people don’t actually see the impact that global warming has in certain areas of the world. These images are fantastic in photographic quality. Were any enhanced in color or depth? They really pop!


On the blog it was explained that Audacity was used for the remixing of the song. I myself used Audacity for my project so I could hear where there were some fade ins and out, especially with the transitions of songs. Lawrence Lessig wrote an article explaining the significance of remixing: community and education. An example of a remix community would be the anime music videos. This community has lead to thousands of remixed videos that have been shared across the web. The educational aspect deals with a method called “interest-based learning”, by being interested in certain things one may be encouraged to better themselves thus making a video like yourself. This video can and most likely will have an impact on others and possibly even educate those who are too naïve to believe in this mess.

Overall, I think this project is awesome. It would have been cool if there was a sequence of photos that have been taken over the past whatever years that would have made an even bigger visual impact on the issue. Great job though, really enjoy it!


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Final Project-Yang Jin Kim-11/23/2011

I wanted to make the project for the people. So, I decided to make something common that the whole world is facing, global warming. I think now is the time to warn people once again that we need to save and protect our planet Earth from global warming.

Honestly, I am somewhat nervous since I have heard of many stories and predictions about collapse or destruction of our planet via various mass media. Moreover, recently, NASA’s 2013 solar flare warning even freaks me out. The year what they announced is near at the corner, and I was wondering whether this environmental problem can be solved with our people’s help. And, this is the reason why I decided to work on this project.

I have learned how to make a video by using the Windows Movie Maker and how to remix the music and convert the format of it by Audacity. I was trying to make a good story to make viewers feel like doing something for saving the Earth.

I don’t have any further plan for this project. However, I would like to be familiar with this type of video editing software and want to make more innovative and creative project in the future.