My project is a paper-form stop-motion film addressing the dire implications of humanity’s impact on nature, but presented in such a way that is more digestible for college-age students and those who are not as familiar with the Green Movement. It is designed to present the problem, but not place blame directly on the viewer, instead inspiring them to take action and recognize their own part in the scenes shown.

The process of creating this stop motion was arduous. Even though I had some ideas about what scenes I wanted to include, I ended up having to do a lot of thinking on my feet to fill in the extra time left over in the soundtrack. Moreover, it involved a lot of tedious paper cutting (and a lot of painful paper cuts!) and took many many hours for only several minutes of footage. In fact, the video contains over 600 photos.

In addition, it was hard to keep certain things like the camera placement, lighting, and speed constant during shooting. If the tripod moved at all, it was very noticeable, or if the paper-form fell off the wall, many times you would have to reshoot a scene entirely. It was a very tedious process, and I had to learn to adapt, review early and often, and be very patient. No matter how tedious though, the end project was worth it.

For the time being, other than continuing stop-motion as a hobby, I have no future plans to further refine or develop this video.