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How Bad Do You Want It? Motivation – Success

Mixes a video of a guy training to reach his dream of getting in the NFL and in the background is a preacher that is talking about success and how to achieve it and his view of how to reach it. It really reached and affected me. But just thought it was worth putting up here.


Project Inspiration

Website link:  http://www.leoburnett.us/chicago/

I like the way the website is laid out in a vertical fashion, but that the menu bar is constantly at the top. I also like how the “blurbs” on the side slide in as you scroll down.

Status Report Week 1

Since a brief status report is due this week I figured I’d rush in just before the deadline to tackle it. I’m thinking about a lot of angles to approach my project–still unsure about what that will be–but have a few ideas around what I’d like it to be. I know that I want it to incorporate some sort of humor. I really do love making others laugh so I feel like this project should wholeheartedly convey me as the creator. I would like to plug in some sort of video editing skills since I’m not very strong in those areas. I’m also considering some voice over and fun props, but we’ll see. That’s about all I’ve th0ught about as well as researching a lot of humorous videos on youtube and even internet meme ads.

That’s all for this week folks…until next time.

Love, Amantha

Shane Kocher – Inspiration

For my project I have been thinking about things I can feasibly do by learning 1 big skill for a few smaller technical skills. I have never been extremely good at HTML or CSS, so I want to get a lot of basic web page design and all the back end stuff for it. Forums are what I grew up on the internet with. Forums are stagnant and owned by a particular person or group. Mods control the things said and choose what is to be stickied/archived and let useless things work themselves out of the forums ex Game FAQS. These interests me because users posting threads and messages creates a wealth of GOOD information on a subject based on others personal experience or information. While there is some sifting and searching to do, forums still provide a constant stream of new info while retaining useful older information.    Wikis are similar and is a notable example of a website made entirely by community. I want to create something that is easy to read and become a contributor. The purpose behind the site would be purely for the lolz and entertainment. Lots of websites create a fun and unique experience for users to interact without much context itself. I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing yet, but I want to try and tie these things together into a single topic.

Other similar sites

TF2 Wiki 

Texts from last night

TV Tropes

When I was five years old I never would have imagined playing a game like this on my cell phone. The graphics are phenomenal. The Android market allowing individuals to share their passion and intellect with their community inspires me. It advocates growing, learning, and evolving in the IT field.

Claudia’s Project Inspiration

I like to make different crafts and stuff, so I really liked the Webby winner What I Made (http://www.whatimade.com/), which is a site all about the art projects the blogger makes. He not only incudes photos of the finished projects, he also includes the plans for how he made them, and even sometimes the videos of them in action (if they move around and stuff). I’d like to maybe do something like this that incorporates my crafts and projects and allows me to showcase them in a similar fashion.

Inspiration for my Final Project

Inspiration for my Final Project

Lizzi Pomeroy
September 4, 2011

My Past Work

I recently started working with Adobe Flash Professional in the Creative Suite, and I absolutely love it. At the moment, I’m not very skilled. I can do basic Motion Tweens and fade in’s or fade out’s. The extent of my capabilities is:

My Inspiration

I really want to do something with Flash that goes above and beyond my current capabilities. Below are a couple ideas:

Closing Note

I think the capabilities of Flash are endless, and I want to stretch my talent and create something funny, informative, and extremely creative. These skills are incredibly useful as a web developer, which is my hobby. I think that being better at Flash will give me strength for my future.

Project inspiration… Isgrigg

Slamtilt… real name Russell… takes home made pinball machines and mods them. He adds lights, sounds, themes, and personality to the tables he mods. I know that some of the tables he has worked on, he has dedicated over 80 hours of his own time on them. That is, perhaps, an insane amount of time… but his dedication shows through on his quality.

One thing that Slam does that is pretty cool is that he has made a YouTube channel to reach out to the community. He has used Frapp-like programs to record videos of his current works. YouTube gives him a place to post comments and to hear from the community about their thoughts. He has a pretty good following for such a small community and some of his videos have had over 2 thousand views.

I think I am going to do that for this class and my multi-media project. I’m going to make the pinball, post my progress on the blog and YouTube, make a web site for my creations, post on the Future Pinball database my completed tables, and challenge anybody to beat my high-scores on the GoPinball challenges forum…..

It should be fun 🙂

o_O of-course, I’m not totally sure how to fully make the pinball machine… write advanced Visual Basic programming scripts… use advanced Photoshop options… use Frapps… upload to YouTube… make a registered website… post completed project to the database… But the high-scores won’t be much of a problem.

Design can make or break new media.

The iPhone developers over at tap tap tap are known for creating simple apps that perform the same functions as hundreds of others. What separates them from the pack is their focus on intuitive design, allowing them to become successful while their competitors’ products fade away. The company posted a video of their excruciating design process for one of their apps, titled Convert, which you may view by clicking here. A simple unit conversion app, Convert stands out among its many peers due to its superior form and ease of use. I plan to follow this train of thought when developing my media artifact, which is still undetermined as of yet.

Project Inspiration


This is a cool use of twitter that allows people to search for keywords and see what people are saying about certain things.