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  • Media convergence: convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies industries, markets, genres, and audiences.(it refer to a process not an endpoint)
  • Dead media Project-Bruce Sterling
    • “The centralized, dinosaurian one-to-many media that roared and trampled through the twentieth century are poorly adapted to the postmodern technological environment.”
    • “The media that have died on the barbed wire of technological change.”
  • Old media never die the thing that dies are the tools that we use to access media content.  (delivery technologies only technologies)
  • Delivery technologies come and go all the time but media persist as layer within an ever more complicated information and entertainment stratum.
  • Lisa Gitelman define media (culture system) on two levels:
    • A medium is a technology that enables communication
    • A medium is a set of associated “protocols” or social and culture practices that have grown up around that technology.
      • “Protocols express a huge variety of social, economic, and material relationships. So telephony includes the salutation ‘Hello?’ and includes the monthly billing cycle and includes the wires and cables that materially connect our phones…….”
  • Medium’s content may shift, its audience may change and its social status may rise or fall.
  • Black box fallacy: all media content is going to flow through a single black box into our living rooms.
    • For example: VCR, digital cable box, DVD player, digital recorder, sound system, game system, laptops, cells….etc.
  • Cheskin Research in 2002 report “old idea of convergence was that all devices would converge into one central device that did everything for you.” But now seeing is the hardware diverging while the content converges.
  • Tele-cocooning examples:
    • Mobile communication among Japanese youth, young couples who remain in constant contact with each other throughout the day. (wake up together, work together, eat together and go to bed together even though they live miles apart and may have fact to face contact only a few times a month.
    • Intoxicated students at local high school use their cell phones spontaneously to produce their own soft-core porn movie involving topless cheerleaders making out in the locker room. Within hours, the movie is circulating across the school.

The Black Box Fallacy

Jenkins describes some of the ways of how convergence is reshaping American society. “My goal is to document conflicting perspectives on media change rather than to critique them” he says. The argument here is that old media never dies. Simply stated, media evolves. “Delivery technologies come and go all the time, but media persist as layers within an ever more complicated information and entertainment stratum” Lisa Gitelman says. Eventually all media is flowing through what they call the “Black Box Fallacy” or televisions/computers or mobile devices which we all possess. Our lives, friendships , desires and our society revolve around these materialistic things and are constantly progressing into the “new thing” that are a hit with all different types of age groups across the spectrum.

An example of the “black box” would be cell phones today which obtain most of some other new media inside it. However, the argument that lives within this subject is that there will never be a black box that can contain all of the new media. “When people take media into their own hands, the results can be wonderfully creative; they can also be bad news for all involved”. New media is what our generation craves and as long as it is advertised it will never stop overflowing.