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This youtube video of a letterpress application shows the developmental process of how an old school process turns into a new school process. In the beginning of the video is shows the person walking around the type shop in order to find all of the materials needed to make one pass on the letter press. On the contrary the end of the video shows the person holding a letter press application on a digital display platform, not physically moving any where to get the necessary materials. Granite you will never get the same results from letter press vs. a digital version but the concept of taking the letter press process and turning in into a new form is a significant of remixing a media. The letter press is used to represent messages, this new digital form allows for more exploration within the actually letter press process. The interaction from the physical press to the digital press also shows a huge significance of remixing a media source.


Here is a ipad app that takes the reality of a letter press onto todays top technology develoment. This devices allows the user to directly interact with a virtual letter press. This change from a vertual letter press versus actually being in a type shop to find the correct font, size, spacing, furniture, ink, ect.

For my project I would like to research and design different ways of having interfaces that you can interact with in order to communicate effective messages typographically.