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I310 Final Project- Kinetic Type Lyric Video

My project is a kinetic lyric music video. I enjoy music a lot and have seen many of my favorite bands post videos like these to promote a song. I’ve also watched some similar videos created by fans.They are fun to watch and I always wanted to make one myself. The song I chose is “Spain” by Between The Trees. The program I used is Adobe After Effects. I’ve used After Effects before but I’ve never done a text animation video before.

For this project, I had to learn some new tools and skills for After Effects that I’ve never used before. I tediously matched a word with the audio and pre-composed scenes before rendering it and then doing animation over it. To achieve some of the effects of movement, I used the camera tool. I referenced different tutorial videos to help me with this process, but I ran into a lot of different ways to achieve the same thing, and some videos weren’t thorough enough. I eventually pieced together my own process, but some of the animation isn’t smooth, as I had to use a lot of problems with key-frames and tweening.

Through this project, I’ve learned how to use the timeline for text animation and how to use the camera tool. I had to adjust the way a camera tool is conventionally used to work for my project. I feel that I reached a satisfying endpoint for the project, though I plan on developing it further later. After class, I plan on learning how to cut a 2D image into layers and use the camera tool to pan through the layers, creating a 3D effect out of a single image. I would have attempted this for my project now, but I don’t have the time to finish it. Either way, I plan on uploading the finished product to YouTube, to share with the band and its fans.


Remix Application Example- Underoath









Check out this submission in Underoath Remix Contest- Illuminator on Indaba Music.

Above is an example of remixing and how it can be used in a social sense. It is also a legal form of remixing. The band Underoath hosted a contest where they encouraged fans to remix a single through the website, Indaba Music. The winner of the contest would have their remixed version of the song included in the Deluxe Album as a Remix. This is an example of how remixing can be used in a legal way in the music industry, as the band encouraged the remixing and creativity of their fans.

Our class discussion reminded me about this new way of experience music with friends. The silent disco concept is where there are two DJ’s playing different songs and the people can choose which channel to listen to by tuning in their individual wireless headphones.

This idea is not entirely new it is similar to going to a club and listening to music with friends but in this setting you can be listening to different songs while dancing with your friends. While you are listening the people around you are having their own music experience that could be different than yours. It is really interesting to listen to the crowd without any music playing to the entire crowd. All you can hear is bad singing and sometimes to completely different songs.

This is a new medium of technology but not a completely new technology. We have headphones and concerts but we have never combined the two in order to create this atmosphere. The wireless headphone technology allows this to work.

Music that moves…

Love this Skrillex remix of Promises by Nero. I really like how dj’s and producers often make better remixes than the original work. Electronic dance music (EDM) is weird like that I guess. Most music doesn’t do “remixes” but covers. The problem with covers are they sound so similar to the original work that it isn’t new. Remixes in EDM are so different. They often sound completely different or even better the remix is a a different genre which I’ll give 2 examples.

Example 1:

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Original Mix) {Dubstep}

Skrillex – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix) {Electro House}

Example 2:

Nero – Promises (Original Mix) {Dubstep}

Nero – Promises (Calvin Harris Remix) {House}

My project inspiration

I am thinking of composing different melodies with different types of music and remixing them. I like to create something creative music video type. I can make slides of pictures to make a video, but at this time, I need to compose my own music using mixer, and this is going to be my challenging one.