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Nakamura Digitizing Race

In the reading, Nakamura talks about the gender and race identity formation in digital media and other visual culture studies. Nakamura talks about the racial visualization in the film Matrix and Minority report. In the Matrix Zakamura talk about the whiteness is portrayed as inhuman and whereas blackness is presented as “natural” and “authentic”.(Pg 100) But later in the chapter Nakamura states that “blackness is singularity, but never for the black subject, always for the white subject”.pg 116 Nakamura argues the “authenticity” and “singularity” are serviceable to white audience.


Digitizing Race-reading- Kim-11/08/11

Nakamura explains representations of different races in The Matrix (1999) to highlight the different access to and usage of digital interfaces by the African-American and white American characters. The author says that in this film, blacks are never depicted as masters of the interface, creators of digital images, and are never depicted manipulating the interface as directly as the white American (109). Digitizing Race focuses more on the relationship between representations of race, gender, and sexuality and political coalitions mobilized through the Internet.