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This youtube video of a letterpress application shows the developmental process of how an old school process turns into a new school process. In the beginning of the video is shows the person walking around the type shop in order to find all of the materials needed to make one pass on the letter press. On the contrary the end of the video shows the person holding a letter press application on a digital display platform, not physically moving any where to get the necessary materials. Granite you will never get the same results from letter press vs. a digital version but the concept of taking the letter press process and turning in into a new form is a significant of remixing a media. The letter press is used to represent messages, this new digital form allows for more exploration within the actually letter press process. The interaction from the physical press to the digital press also shows a huge significance of remixing a media source.


Reading Summary Pages 45 – 59

Steve Templeton
Reading Summary Pages 45 – 59
The beginning of the section I have been tasked with reporting on takes a lot of time talking about how new some of these media types are. The newness is not always so new for example digital TV is not a new thing just a new way to get TV content. The fact that many new forms of media are present points to a recycling of old media. Newspapers are still a viable form of media but they are slowly become digital only print.
The idea of refashioning old media as new is an important concept that should be talked about more as this is clearly just repackaging old ideals in a new digital market.
Interaction and control of new media seems to be at the forefront. Being able to interact with others, create posts that others can see and comment on are all ways to increase interact. Other ways include physical interaction with a device which points to HCI components.
Ubiquitous computing is talked about in relation to A.I design. I think the idea os ubiquitous computing is very important to new designs I find that A.I. is a separate topic.

History seems to point to new media just being developed by old media. New media requires a look at history to better understand the concepts and how the new media type came about. There is a large section on Weibel and this stages of new media. Weibel’s theory seems to point that media evolves over time and changes to having less and less physical presence.
Most of the history section the general feeling is that new media is just old media with a new face to show off. Newspapers are still printed just on a website. Netflix allows us the ability to consume media in a new way but doesn’t really make that media different. Many concepts about new media are really based or originate in the past and over time have shaped what we see today.