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Wan Chun Chang

Project Critique-Final paper

INFO I-310

Dec.9 2011

Critique Project: Mos Def “Mathematics” Kinethic Typography Lyrics Video by Maher, James Russell : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAXFkfDQQrU

This is the first time that I have watched a typography lyrics video, and I am admired to make one by myself. This is a really cool video especially the design layout of the lyrics is perfectly displayed. The reason I choose to critique this video is to see if I am in the position of design the same project how I would do it differently. In this video you can see the dynamic change on media presentation. Normally, when we watch or hear a song on YouTube we did not expect to see a lot of words or text. But in this video, it is all about the lyrics. For me instead of focus on the music I will make the video that allows the users to pay attention on what the lyrics or words’ is trying to say. I will make this a persuasive video to express myself, issues or things that I want to share to the public. From the reading New Media and Activism it discusses the differences between activism of the past and modern day virtual activism. More specifically the author mentions the challenges on participants of civil rights movement. In this case, finding a song or multiple songs that relate to the social issue that I want to express or talk about and highlight the words or text from the lyrics and then combine and remix them into a new typography lyrics video. I believe it will be a strong persuasive presentation to others. In addition, for a personal project it will be a great idea to highlight the words that are relevant to your feeling or express your personality by using colors or bold text.

According to Gladwell’s article he mentioned about social media and how people interacted with it. In 1960s civil rights movement in the US support for the movement grew wild. Within in one month times the number of people reaches to 70,000. This is in the contrast of the “Twitter movements” (Gladwell, 2010). Gladwell states that while the new technology encourages and gives opportunities to the protesters and activism, it also allows foreigners felt empowered and confident to stand up for freedom and democracy. Therefore, from a social perspective this type of video media will be a great tool to persuasive and encourage the audience to take action base on the issue that is presented.

 In the reading Breakup 2.0 the author bring up the issues of the appropriation of using technologies that related to human relationships. “Media ideologies revolve around people’s idea about how the structure of technology shapes ways [people] can use it to communicate.” (Gershon, 2010) For instance, in past no one can see that text message will be a very popular breakup tool. This is the idea for this typographic lyric; most of the audiences view this music video as commercial products or advertisement ads. However, if the new approach is designed or development it will be a strong visual presentation (like PowerPoint) but with a more attention driven and visual design. Therefore, I would say this is not only a simple video project it could be a large project if more detail is designed with a specific goal. 

The large concern for this type of media will be the usage. In the article Digitizing Race, it discusses the issues and concern about the technology usage based on race. It uses examples from the film Matrix, when a white woman is manipulating a large and complex technological system. She is able to use very futuristic-looking technology in a clear and brightly-lit room. And use it to compare with an African-American counterpart, who is located in a dark room with an outdated, clunky headset. By using the comparison the author addresses the discrimination against the technology accession. To raise a similar concern, this project will raise the concern of targeting certain users who have the access to Internet and to the web site where the video is loaded. This means if the video want to be share worldwide it need to be carefully choose in the language it is using or appropriately translate to a foreign language.

Moreover, it is a great deal of insight in the use of new media in culture today. It has the ability to take a message and magnify it by presenting it in a remixed format. Such as remixing news with music lyrics to express or tell the happening of the Wall Street occupation. Also, instead of only lyric, images and icons can be added to the video. And the use of the icons and symbols will create a larger impact of the meaning to the video.

 From what I have learned in this semester, I would see a new approach to both my project and if I have the chance to learn to create a typography lyric video.  I will defiantly set a goal for the audiences that I want to reach and measure how influential my project is. Overall, I really enjoy this project’s presentation and admire the work that is put into this project.


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