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I310 project-hunting promo-Josh Sefton


My project that I did is a promotional hunting video. I grew up in a very small town and have always been around family and friends that thought of hunting as a way of life. So, as you can imagine, it is a big part of my life. Many people don’t realize what hunting is all about, they think it’s all about going out and killing animals all the time. They couldn’t be more wrong. Hunting does many things for me and I know I can say the same for my family and friends. It’s my way of relaxing and gathering all of my thoughts together. It’s my stress reliever. There’s nothing quite like being out in the woods when the sun rises and everything comes to life. No matter what kind of mood I am in, being in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors always relieves me and takes away all of my worries.

I have been hunting with the same group of friends for about ten years now. It has always been our dream to start a hunting outfitter together and make a career out of it. That all changed a few years ago when our dream turned into a pretty decent possibility. We all started reaching out and contacting all of the bigger hunting companies and outfitters asking for advice. Most of them didn’t give us the time of day, which we expected. However, some of our emails and phone calls turned a couple of heads. There is a professional hunting group called “Anything Wild,” here in Indiana. They responded to us and gave us some pointers on what to do to start getting recognized. So, we took their advice and started filming each other every single time we went out to hunt. We sent them a few videos and they were very surprised with our experience and ethical hunting strategies. They ended up inviting us to go on hunts with them and film them. Unfortunately, only one of us could go during the time frame they gave us. It turns out, my friend that went with them last year just made his debut on national television last Sunday. (November 11th)

So, this is what led me to making this promotional video for my class project. This is the first time I have actually edited our footage to make a video, which will hopefully get us even more attention. This video isn’t my original one that I was turning in for the project, but my computer crashed this past Thursday and messed my original video up. So, I had to use what I could to put this one together and turn it in for my project. I used Adobe premiere elements 10 to create this video. It was tough starting out, but after many tutorials I got the hang of it. I learned many new video editing skills that I plan to utilize in the future to create more promotional videos. I plan to build on this video quite a bit and learn how to use new effects to incorporate into the final video. I intend to finish the final video by next semester and start sending it out to a lot more hunting companies. Enjoy!



Mash-up (Mash-up Mini Remix & Shake N’ Shave It Up)

I love music. No that’s not right, I LOVE MUSIC! My project of course focused on music and how new technology has allowed for more and more people to create new music.This project has morphed from creating a remix of a trance track to what is currently sitting on the internet. The original idea was to take Above & Beyond’s track “You Got To Go” and do a remix. Little did I know that doing a remix takes a large amount of skill, time, and most of all the right kind of track. What I came to find out while researching how to remix was when it comes to audio you really need the multi-track recording. A multi-track recording has each instrument, or sound effect in its own track. This allows you to use individual sections of the song or just cut a small section from a single instrument. In order to get multi-track recordings of a song you need to be a well know remixer, know someone (the artist who made the track originally or record label), or just get lucky if the artist releases the multi-track for all to use.

My project has become a mini mix of some of my favorite tracks from this year. I’ve found ways to edit and add something to just about every track played. The coolest part of about the track is I’ve created it using tracks from so many different artists. Many sections of the song have as many as 3 or 4 different elements playing at once which really adds to the song.

The remix was created in Adobe Audition with help from Virtual DJ in creating edits. The software was a little tricky to get used to but with time I’ve been able to create a really interesting song. My goal for the short term is to create a full on mash-up that isn’t just a large amount of cuts and mini edits. One of my personal projects or hobbies is being a DJ and this project has given me a much needed skills that I can now use to create edits of tracks. Being able to make edits, mash-ups, and remixes will help me greatly in becoming a better DJ.

To sum up my project I’ve created a mash-up mini mix at least that is what I’m going to call it now. There are tons of different tracks with samples taken from other tracks. While the track is finished in terms of this project I’ve just now scratched the surface of remixing.

Following the completion of the project I had some left over edits and samples from a song I really liked so I decided to create a mash-up of Florence and The Machine – Shake It Up ( Benny Benassi Extended Mix) and Zedd – Shave It (Original Mix). It took me a long time to get all the sections of the song to sound right. After doing major edits and messing with the sound of the track I was able to create a pretty cool song. Let me know what you think! Also…You can check out my mixes and live sets that I have posted as well!

The project I turned in:

The song I made following the project:

Final Project Deliverable — S. Ryan Cutshall

My project represents the Adeptus Mechanicus, machine worshipping technology cult in the Warhammer40k universe.  The person that I depicted in this picture us a representation of the character that I play in this game.  His name is Niaxus and he is a priest of the Adeptus Mechanicus.  This project was put together simply as a tribute to my character and his role as a combatant in his party.

I know it’s all kind of nerdy but what inspired me to do this as my project is the time that my friends and I spent playing this game.  The interesting thing about warhammer, and many other table top games, is that you get to decide how you look.  Since there are no “character editors” for table top games my friends and I would often draw the characters we played or the equipment we obtained.  After a few months of hand drawing many of these things I decided that I would piece together a little character “poster”, if you will, for myself.

The process was anything but easy even though I considered myself somewhat “experienced” when it came to Photoshop.  Although I had hand-drawn the image I wanted, scanned it in to the computer, and had it ready to go in Photoshop, I ended up having to re-draw the entire image using brushes in Photoshop.  Although I feel as if there might have been easier ways I feel as if I did an excellent job creating a piece that I like and would enjoy being displayed.

I learned quite a few Photoshop skills, the most important of which are to save OFTEN and make sure you make copies.  It is extremely easy in Photoshop to make a mistake and not be able to “undo” what you’ve done.  But on the more technical side, I learned that there is more to digital art than creating just pictures.  Many people on the site that I posted my image to create brushes for use in Photoshop.  These brushes come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and designs.  I learned that layers are helpful and there is no such things as too many, so long as you can keep them organized and know what Is on what

Unfortunately I don’t believe there is a “next step” for this project.  I put a ton of time in to it, and I really enjoy and appreciate what I’ve made, but I have no want to use Photoshop to create anything for a long time.  Something I would like to do is spend a little more time studying Photoshop software and getting better acquainted with more of the skill and techniques used to make higher quality images.  I will however get a giant sized version of this printed out and I will hang it in my room.


Here is the link to my image.



ScoreTab is a free, highly customizable scorekeeping web application that can be used to keep track of nearly any kind of game or record involving names and numbers. Each sheet can have any number of players and adjustment values which can be set to whatever the user feels like. Up to six sheets can be saved at one time, and switching between them is as easy as switching between tabs in modern internet browsers. The interface was designed to be clean and intuitive. Ideally, most users should be able to operate the application without any instructions whatsoever. Even so, I included several hints at the top of the page to clue users into some of the less obvious features.

My desire to create ScoreTab arose one day when I was trying to find an online scorekeeping system to use for myself, and much to my surprise, twenty minutes of Google queries returned no useful links. Thus, I decided to make one myself so that I may use it in the future when the needs arise. After working on it for somewhere in the area of 60 hours this semester, I’m rather pleased with the results and plan on using it to keep track of many different things going forward. Just the other day, I used it to help calculate my paycheck by entering the number of hours I spent performing different tasks with the adjustment values set to my hourly pay for those tasks. With its incredible flexibility, I’m sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of types of uses other users will find for ScoreTab.

The process of creating this application was long and many-stepped, with some twists and turns I didn’t foresee. At the beginning of the semester, I laid out a weekly tasks list that was easily followed until I reached the day to code the back-end necessary for saving user data. From the UI design through creating a working front-end model, the project was coming along nicely. In essence, most of that process consisted of slicing out the necessary images from the Photoshop file I created, inserting those images into the HTML skeleton, placing those images properly through the use of CSS, and coding basic mouse and keyboard interaction with JavaScript and jQuery. My original goal was to have a user login system so that the user could access their ScoreTab data from any device, but unfortunately, the PHP and SQL required to create such a database is not supported by IU’s Mercury web hosting server. I altered my initial plan to saving user data via cookies stored in the browser cache. The basic idea of information persistence still remains, but it is limited to the machine and browser on which the user last accessed ScoreTab.

In order to create everything necessary for ScoreTab to function, a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery was required. I already have a hefty amount of experience creating and styling basic webpages through HTML and CSS, but only a basic knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery. When my plan to use PHP and SQL to manage database interaction had to be scrapped, I no longer had to learn the necessities of those two languages and instead focused heavily on the creation and manipulation of cookies in order to dynamically generate each page. Due to the limitation of cookies only being able to store string and numerical data, it was rather tricky getting them to save multidimensional arrays containing names and values of other cookies. Once that was managed, a great deal of time was spent manipulating the code to run smoothly in different browsers. I have managed to get everything fully working in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, which should cover most users. I haven’t delved into developing it for Internet Explorer due to a plethora of issues specific to that browser that make it a pain compared to others.

I may continue to work on this project beyond this class for my portfolio, and there are several features I would like to include for a second release. The first being the user login system that was originally planned. Secondly, being change the order of tabs, scorelines, or adjustment values by a simple drag and drop mechanism would offer a great deal more flexibility and improve user customization. In addition, some of my usability testers wished to be able to select multiple scorelines at once to either adjust the scores or remove them in one fell swoop. All of these things would require a huge overhaul to my code structure, and they are well beyond the scope and time limitations of this course. I’m content with the current state of the project, and hopefully some of my classmates will find it to be a useful tool for them in the future.

As always, the current state of ScoreTab can be viewed here: http://mypage.iu.edu/~knisswan/i310/

Brandon Coldiron Final Project

For my project I decided to make a few videos of me riding my motorcycle around Bloomington and put them in a flash application so that users could view them simply without having to go between different web pages. The flash application also brought them together in a way that made them look very neat and nice.

The reason I chose to pursue this project was because I had all the tools necessary to do it and I wanted to have a camera mount on my motorcycle and this gave me a reason to do it. I enjoyed it a lot and I learned a lot about flash and movie editing.

In the future If I choose to pursue this I would make video submissions allowed to the public so they could submit a video of their town and I could add it on the map. It could be a lot of fun getting all these submissions about putting them on the map where they belong.



Shane Kocher – Inspiration

For my project I have been thinking about things I can feasibly do by learning 1 big skill for a few smaller technical skills. I have never been extremely good at HTML or CSS, so I want to get a lot of basic web page design and all the back end stuff for it. Forums are what I grew up on the internet with. Forums are stagnant and owned by a particular person or group. Mods control the things said and choose what is to be stickied/archived and let useless things work themselves out of the forums ex Game FAQS. These interests me because users posting threads and messages creates a wealth of GOOD information on a subject based on others personal experience or information. While there is some sifting and searching to do, forums still provide a constant stream of new info while retaining useful older information.    Wikis are similar and is a notable example of a website made entirely by community. I want to create something that is easy to read and become a contributor. The purpose behind the site would be purely for the lolz and entertainment. Lots of websites create a fun and unique experience for users to interact without much context itself. I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing yet, but I want to try and tie these things together into a single topic.

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