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I310 project-hunting promo-Josh Sefton


My project that I did is a promotional hunting video. I grew up in a very small town and have always been around family and friends that thought of hunting as a way of life. So, as you can imagine, it is a big part of my life. Many people don’t realize what hunting is all about, they think it’s all about going out and killing animals all the time. They couldn’t be more wrong. Hunting does many things for me and I know I can say the same for my family and friends. It’s my way of relaxing and gathering all of my thoughts together. It’s my stress reliever. There’s nothing quite like being out in the woods when the sun rises and everything comes to life. No matter what kind of mood I am in, being in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors always relieves me and takes away all of my worries.

I have been hunting with the same group of friends for about ten years now. It has always been our dream to start a hunting outfitter together and make a career out of it. That all changed a few years ago when our dream turned into a pretty decent possibility. We all started reaching out and contacting all of the bigger hunting companies and outfitters asking for advice. Most of them didn’t give us the time of day, which we expected. However, some of our emails and phone calls turned a couple of heads. There is a professional hunting group called “Anything Wild,” here in Indiana. They responded to us and gave us some pointers on what to do to start getting recognized. So, we took their advice and started filming each other every single time we went out to hunt. We sent them a few videos and they were very surprised with our experience and ethical hunting strategies. They ended up inviting us to go on hunts with them and film them. Unfortunately, only one of us could go during the time frame they gave us. It turns out, my friend that went with them last year just made his debut on national television last Sunday. (November 11th)

So, this is what led me to making this promotional video for my class project. This is the first time I have actually edited our footage to make a video, which will hopefully get us even more attention. This video isn’t my original one that I was turning in for the project, but my computer crashed this past Thursday and messed my original video up. So, I had to use what I could to put this one together and turn it in for my project. I used Adobe premiere elements 10 to create this video. It was tough starting out, but after many tutorials I got the hang of it. I learned many new video editing skills that I plan to utilize in the future to create more promotional videos. I plan to build on this video quite a bit and learn how to use new effects to incorporate into the final video. I intend to finish the final video by next semester and start sending it out to a lot more hunting companies. Enjoy!



Final Project Justin Young – Linkin Park Vs Project 46

For my project I created a mash-up of Linkin Park’s Burn it Down and Whistle by Project 46. I used Burn it Down as the acapella and Whistle was the instrumental. I worked with a friend of mine who taught me how to use the software Ableton, this software allows me to edit the warps and cut and paste where I want the songs to mesh. It was extremely useful having him teach me because I was able to find out the right mix in key to determine the key for the song. We worked for a number of hours just matching acapella keys to instrumental keys, it took an extremely long time to find the right match. But once we did it went incredibly fast. We wanted to take an upbeat background and put it with a slower vocal song. So we found Linkin Park and Project 46 and they meshed perfectly. Listening to all the new media types and seeing everyone application examples really helped me figure out what to use. I definitely will continue to edit music.


Alisa Gaither / Final Project



My final project for I310 is a portfolio website that I will use in my professional career as a graphic designer. As a newbie to any HTML and CSS coding, this project allowed me to get more comfortable with these skills, as well as learn some Javascript and Flash animation. I developed an identity for myself as a designer, which I show in my original logo that I created, and I intend on further establishing this design aesthetic into the rest of the website.

The process of creating this website was straightforward from the beginning, I knew I had to do a lot of planning at the beginning so that I would know what skills I needed to do which parts of the site. For instance, I was already comfortable with designing the logo and slideshow elements in Indesign and Photoshop, but I needed to learn Javascript and Flash to build the actual slideshow itself. Online tutorials guided me through the skills I needed to learn to accomplish these tasks.

At this point, I would not say that my site is finished, I still wish to learn more about integrating graphic design and web design into a seamless product. This is what my goal was, but I came out of this project timeline with a template for what my site will grow from in the coming months. I intend to develop my design more, and learn more about how to build websites so that I can hopefully use these skills in a future job. I also plan on integrating more social media into my website, so it will be more accessible and able to be shared across multiple avenues.

Kyle Buck – Final Project


Technology is becoming more and more a part of our lives. It becomes more prevalent in almost every aspect of our day. That is why I decided that I wanted to create something that could benefit me in the future after I graduate and go into the real world. I decided to make a personal website that showed both my creativity and my technical skills, acting as a sort of interactive resume.  This website, I feel, is only the beginning to what I can learn and accomplish.

I wanted to pursue this project because I have always been interested in learning the newest technologies and I wanted to be able to make my own things. In I101, we learned the basics of making a website and using CSS, but I knew there was so much more that could be done and I wanted to learn more. This class gave me the perfect opportunity to learn how to do so. While doing this project, I learned HTML5 coding, as well as many new CSS properties. I also learned how to use Javascript in order to make interactive menu bars and implement widgets into my site. Finally, I learned how to use Photoshop to create logos and improve pictures. By creating this website, I have become aware of other new programming languages that I can learn in the future that I would never have heard of before. I intend to do so and I want to use what I have learned to help me with my capstone project as well. Learning these skills will help me in my professional career too. I will set myself apart from others not only from the past projects that potential employers will see on my site, but also the skills they can see in the website itself.

My plans in the future for this site are to keep it up after college. I will continue to add to it, update it, and improve it to make it as interesting and impressive as possible. I want it to truly showcase what I have to offer to a company or even to clients that may want me to make a site for them. The site also links to my linkedin profile and has a copy of my resume. I believe that this has been a valuable learning experience, and I wish I had more time to learn more skills to add to the site.

Brandon Coldiron Final Project

For my project I decided to make a few videos of me riding my motorcycle around Bloomington and put them in a flash application so that users could view them simply without having to go between different web pages. The flash application also brought them together in a way that made them look very neat and nice.

The reason I chose to pursue this project was because I had all the tools necessary to do it and I wanted to have a camera mount on my motorcycle and this gave me a reason to do it. I enjoyed it a lot and I learned a lot about flash and movie editing.

In the future If I choose to pursue this I would make video submissions allowed to the public so they could submit a video of their town and I could add it on the map. It could be a lot of fun getting all these submissions about putting them on the map where they belong.