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Social Media Activism

Here is a video talks about new media social activism from Youtube


The wall stree example

Social media group of the activism.


The static of activism’s movment and network graph.



This video is a good example of social media activism for a number of reasons.  First it mentions how social media activism can be simply liking something on Facebook.com.  This coincides with what we talked about in class where the reach is great with loose ties.  Most of the Facebook pages displayed are groups that help those in need, for example Doctors Without Borders, and Project 350.  Secondly, it shows that Facebook and other social media networks are a good way to make a cause visible because the reach is so wide.  The video even states that the more exposed a person becomes to a topic the more likely they are to grow a passion for something.  In this sense it not only has a wide reach but makes it easier for people to become more knowledgeable as well as becoming involved, which is what we talked about in class.