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Final Project: George Bush – How To Love

This is the final version of my project that I posted on YouTube. The video is of George Bush clips that are compiled together to make him look as if he is singing along to Lil Wayne’s single, “How to Love.” I was inspired to do this video because of a video that I saw of George Bush singing along to a U2 song. I really enjoyed the video and thought that it would be fun to create something similar. The reason I chose the song “How to Love” is because Lil Wayne is one of my favorite artists and because I also thought it would be funny to show a video of something that isn’t expected from the former Republican president.

The video took quite awhile to create, but I am happy with the outcome. I initially wanted to show the video with President Bush singing every word to the song, but I decided that I did not like how choppy the video looked and sounded when I tried to do this. I decided to use the actual Lil Wayne song while using short clips of speeches given by President Bush.When doing this I focused on key words in the song to match up with the George Bush clips as if he was lip syncing. I created the video using a program in Adobe Creative Suites 5.5 called Premeire Pro. At first the software seemed to be a little overwhelming to learn, but the more I worked with it and watched tutorials I was able to pick it up and I feel like I did a good job. After I finished creating the video I posted it on YouTube for the public to view and shared the link on my Facebook for my friends to see. I have had a few people check it out and I have received a lot of positive feedback.

I have completed all of the steps and goals that I had for this project. The last step that I had to accomplish was to post the video on YouTube for the public to view, which I have already done. I hope to have a lot of people check it out to comment and give me feed back because I would like to create another project like this in the near future. I have actually already thought about one project that I would like to do and that would be to create a video for the IU basketball team. I am a huge IU basketball fan and I think that this would be something really fun and interesting to do. Now that I have acquired some of the skills necessary to do that through this project, I know that I’ll be able to create a really cool video. Ideally I would like to do this over winter break, so be on the lookout for the video in the near future.



In this video Dan presents many good points as to what new media is.  He explains how new media is developed because of the values people have and their wants that go along with those values.

He brings up two very good examples of new in new media.  While YouTube is not a new site it does pose as a good example.  People used to sit in their living rooms watching home family videos on VHS.  Now people can go onto YouTube and view other people’s videos whether it be something funny or some type of tutorial.  It can be viewed by millions making it having a wide reach.  YouTube runs off of the people who post videos and the comments that people leave for the person who posted the video.  People value YouTube and feel inclined to post videos on there, sharing their experiences with all.

The other example he brings up is the Kindle.  The Kindle is relatively new, however the idea of reading a book is not.  Instead of going onto Amazon and buying a book and waiting for a week for it to arrive on one’s doorstep, the Kindle allows this process to be completed in seconds.  People value books, but they do not value the weight or space they take up.  The Kindle solves all of these problem by being light weight, thin, and small.

A media artifact can be recently developed but based on old properties.  I believe that when Dan mentions YouTube and the Kindle he has come up with two great examples of ‘new’ in new media.