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Application example for the economics of new media. There are lots of examples of this and most of them include advertising.

In class she took lots of the main examples but the example I came up with that she didnt is about how facebook does lovemarks. The way that most of the ads include some sort of emotion.

“Uncover the truth” brings in past emotion of unsolved crimes.

“400 bikes $499 shipping” brings you a feeling of wow amazing deal thats cheap.

“study horses in college” has a girl kissing a horse, shows love.

“Rackspace cloud computing” Sounds like a cool cheap storage. another amazing deal and your like wow thats a good deal.


“New” In New Media Application

The development of this new technology brings a variety of applications that can come be implemented. Here the flexibility of the new display screen allows users and developers to put this new technology into new contexts where digital displays have never been before. This creates the new sense of “new” in new media. Once displays like the one above become more developed they can be expanded in size and used as “new” recourses in media.

Lister New Media (51-59) Coldiron 9/20/2011

In pages 51-59 lister discusses What kind of history new media has. He wants us to think about where this media has come from and what has preceeded it. In class we discussed the online broadcast of a concert with a chatroom included with it. To think about what has made this possible and what came before it we can think how this existed way back when teh beetles were playing on the television and people were calling their freinds chatting about it.

Lister wants us to think about how new something is or if it is just a different way of doing the same thing. Such as watching this concert it is not very different from the past where they would play their music on the television and talk about it over the phone. Its a different way of doing the same things that we used to do in the past. Another example is how new is online streaming of music. I do not think its very new because you could have heard music from the radio since it was invented. Its the same idea, being in a remote location with no one around and still being able to hear music.

Though it is hard to determine between new and old media we do it everyday without thinking. We determine whats new even if it really is not all that new. There are old things that made this new media possible. Thinking about the teleological path it took to become what it is today. No such advances could have happened without small steps in the process.