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In this video we hear the interview of C.W. Anderson about  the influence of social media in activism and the power that it holds.  He explains that it is important to understand that the technology itself does nothing, but that it is the people that make the movement.  This paints social media in the light that I believe it should be, as a tool to be utilized by the people rather than a force that cannot be directed or controlled.  Media plays a significant role in many things, activism being one, but without the people to power it… its just another piece of technology.


Through Clarke’s writing we can plainly see that language plays a significant role in the conveyance of imagery.  Descriptors such as metaphors, similes, and techniques such as analysis and naming are used every day to describe, one person to another, people, places, and things that the other may not have seen.  Without these tools, verbally describing anything to another person would be virtually impossible.  Although, just as in the reading, some language used to describe certain things can be arbitrary, or lack solid description.  Where as one person might say “the mountain no the hillside was large and snowy” another person could describe that same mountain as “the large white cloaked guardian of the horizon”.  Each method of description is valid but to some people one might be more effective than the other.  It is in this way that people use descriptive language to transfer the images that they have experienced to other people.